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Torrie Creamer is about to celebrate twelve years of changing her life and now helping other women find the self love for themselves. Torrie is one of a million weight loss success stories. May 24th 2010 she took to the beach and begin her weight loss journey after her son asked, "mommy why are you fat?" Torrie weighed 322lbs. She found a program like no other that pushed her and guided her to reach her goals. She lost her weight, built strength, built muscle and learned studied along her trainer and others how important fitness is to ones life. Over two years ago she was told that her trainer was retiring and that their would be no more women's boot-camp. She made the decision to become a trainer, a small business owner, a marketer, and supporter of numerus business and charities in the community. She begin with five ladies joining her fitness program. She now has over fifty women and creating a teen boot-camp this summer. The women of the program have shared their own personal fitness goals but also shared how this program has done so much more. "Torrie's program has made me stronger mentally and physically." "Torrie is an amazing trainer, she has walked this path before me." "I will always be happy after taking Torrie's class." "I have not had to take anxiety medication, since joining this program." " I found love for myself, again." Torrie works very hard to make every women feel important and find that strength within. She also continues to work a full time job. She is an amazing mom to three teenagers. Still makes the time to cook dinner for her husband and family and will always make time for whomever needs her attention. Church volunteer, Community helper, and the best thing is she is the most real women you will ever meet. With her smart-aleck humor to her drive to push you out of your comfort zone, she truly cares and will do anything for anyone. She is amazing and this is why she deserves this award!