Tracy Cook

Tracy Cook - Activist

Tracy Cook has forged tirelessly to help & create education programs for many in the LA County school district. Even after her son has already graduated from the public school system in 2020 she still marches on by canvassing for dedicated school officials in low income neighborhoods. Who need the one on one meet & greet so they can help themselves & their community. Tracy organizes groups of people in her West Hollywood neighborhood, to go out on Saturday’s to clean sidewalks & main walkways which is riddled with trash. She also is part of a team who fosters kittens for adoption, so they don’t end up in many of the shelters. Tracy educates, encourages & inspires many by her social media posts to get out & help others in their community, especially those who can’t help themselves. I’m sure Tracy Cook has changed many peoples lives with all of her efforts towards community & humanity.