Vanessa Farsadaki

Space Exploration Strategies (Inc) - Director

Dr. Vanessa Farsadaki is the preeminent thought-leader towards advancing the discipline of Space Medicine. A proud American citizen of Greek descent and a Medical Doctor, Dr. “V” as she is known colloquially, is on-track to become Greece’s first-ever Astronaut in human history. As the President and Managing Partner of Space Exploration Strategies LLC, Dr. V’s impressive bona fides include advanced degrees in Biology, Genetics, Astronomy, Astrophysics, and Business Leadership. She has authored and co-authored a plethora of articles advocating for advancements her field of expertise, and her deep experiences with Radiation Exposure and Protection sciences have made her a sought-after advisor on high-end programs of note for the gravitas she brings to the discussions. Additionally, her fluency in 18 languages are a testament to her ability to engage with a broad range of audiences, and thus she continues to serve as a keynote speaker at numerous fora to include the prestigious Kings College in London, England and many other universities internationally.