Victoria Ballesteros

National Immigration Law Center - Chief Communications Officer

Victoria Ballesteros is the daughter of immigrants born in a mixed-status family who spent much of her childhood helping her family navigate the immigrant experience. Growing up, Victoria saw multiple family members deported and separated from their loved ones. This experience served as a catalyst for Victoria’s work, firmly rooted in the belief that no matter how much money we have or where we are born, we all should have the freedom to thrive. Now, she works tirelessly to improve how American society views immigrants, undo decades of harmful anti-immigration policies, and rebuild America as a beacon of freedom. Under Victoria’s direction, NILC encourages a change in our cultural narrative through its influential Immigrants Are Essential (IAE) campaign. Using multiple installations to reach millions, Victoria uplifts the impact of immigrants in American society and the essential role they play every day, made even more evident by the pandemic.