Viva OFlynn

Love Viva Cakes and Crafts - Multi-awarded entrepreneur, speaker, host, writer, and chef sharing love, joy, and inspiration with the world

Viva Oflynn is a very inspiring woman who shares love, joy, and inspiration with the world. I am proud to call her my wife.
With her business Love Viva Cakes and Crafts, she creates love in every bite experience for people in Gloucestershire. She also donates her baked goods to charity from time to time.
Before Covid times, Viva was organizing FUNtastic Fairs in various venues in Gloucester, including Gloucester Guildhall, to showcase works of local artists and small businesses. When Covid struck, Viva took her FUNtastic Fairs virtual.
Viva is the secretary of the Filipino Association of Gloucestershire, Community Manager of Grow2Gether, Global Media Relations of World Humanitarian Drive (WHD).