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Raising the Bar!

During these times of unprecedented challenges, it is critical to recognize the leaders in our community who are paving the way for others to follow and inspiring hope!

Meet our 2020 Women of Inspiration™ Award recipients!

We just wrapped up celebrating our 2020 Women of Inspiration Awards and Top 150 Finalists!

Now is your turn to recognize the achievements of women making an impact locally, nationally, and globally!

Nominate a role model who inspires you to be more and do more!

Become a National Awards Sponsor! Contact us to learn how to raise the bar for your organization to support the advancement of women personally and professionally.

Nominate a role model who inspires you to reach for new heights!

Do you know a Woman of Inspiration™?

Chances are, you do! A Woman of Inspiration™  is an extraordinary woman who leads by example, lives on purpose, and inspires others to be more and do more. She is a modern-day hero, game-changer, mover and shaker, and role model who leads by example. With courage, confidence, commitment, and integrity, she inspires others to go further, making a ripple impact across her community and around the globe.

Why Nominate an Inspiring Woman?

By nominating her, you are honouring her accomplishments, contributing to her legacy, validating her hard work and her contribution to the workplace. You are helping her see her worth and unknowing impact. You are taking action to SupportHER™, elevating role models to be recognized on a local, national, and global level.

Your nomination empowers an inspiring woman through:

  • Local, national, and global exposure
  • Additional media and PR coverage
  • Connections with other like-minded, influential leaders
  • Opportunities to create change on a larger stage
  • Elevating her business, building her legacy as a leader in her industry
  • Recognition for her achievements and journey, and
  • Increasing her circle of influence, inspiring the next generation of leaders.

When you nominate, the ripple effect is far-reaching!

Who Can You Nominate? 

We believe every woman has a story. As such, the Women of InspirationAwards are open to all Canadian residents. We accept nominations from women in all stages of business and life representing all industries. Previous nominees have included women from diverse educational and cultural backgrounds: entrepreneurs, business leaders, professionals, executives, scientists, arts and media, journalists, thought leaders, authors, speakers, athletes, lawyers, doctors, musicians, advocates, and women in public service from across Canada in profit and non-profit sectors.

To be eligible, the nominee must complete the online Nomination Package and be in attendance at the Women of Inspiration Awards.

The Health and Safety of our guests are important to us. We are committed to adhering to the Canada Health and Safety Guidelines to ensure the safety of our guests. We will keep updating our site for the 2021 Women of Inspiration Awards.

Award Categories

  • Advocate and Catalyst for Change Award
  • Authentic Leader Award
  • Black Woman Leader Award
  • Cultural Ambassador Award
  • Customer Experience Award
  • Difference Maker Award
  • Diversity and Inclusiveness Award
  • Dream Builder Award
  • Game Changer Award
  • Global Impact Award
  • Heidi Stevenson Unsung Hero Award
  • Health andWellness Award
  • Indigenous Leader Award
  • Influencer Award
  • Innovation Award
  • Inspire Award
  • Integrity Award
  • Lifetime Achievement Award
  • Mentorship Award
  • Millennial Leader Award
  • Nest Award
  • Rising Leader Award
  • Rural Leader Award
  • SupportHER Award
  • SupportHER (Ally) Award
  • Social Impact Award
  • Trailblazer (STEM) Award
  • Women in Media Award
  • Vision Builder Award
  • Youth Excellence Award

For a complete description of the characteristics of each Woman of Inspiration™  category, see categories.

How to Nominate?

Any individual or organization may nominate a Woman of Inspiration™. See the timeline and steps below.


  • Nominate a Women of Inspiration™
    for 2021!  Nominations are open 365 Days a year! We are collecting a pool of nominees to recognize! Submit your nomination for 2021!
  • Nominations open across Canada: January 1, 2021
  • Complete Nomination Packages. Deadline June 30, 2021.

Nomination Process

Step 1: Nominate a Woman of Inspiration

Step 2: Completed Nomination Package. 

Step 3: Share the good news that you have been nominated! Nominees receive a special 2020 Women of Inspiration™  Awards Nominee Logo to add to your signature, website, LinkedIn, and Social Media Platforms.

Step 4: Purchase your Tickets – Women of InspirationAwards. Ticket information to be released soon. We are pivoting to ensure the safety of our nominees and guests!

How Is Judging Completed? 

Judging will be based solely on completed Nomination Package content submitted to Universal Womens Network™. 2021 Awards Recipients will be announced at the Women of Inspiration Awards at our Regional and National Awards Fall 2021!

Next Steps…

Women of Inspiration™ Awards 

Women of InspirationAwards is a national public empowerment event, featuring live inspiring performances and keynote speakers, and Virtual Awards ceremony.

It’s an immersive, inviting, and unique event that creates a connection between the 2000+ attendees. It’s an event where everyone can join in celebrating the WOI Award winners, announced live at the Women of Inspiration™ Awards.

All nominees will receive a special 2021 Women of Inspiration™ Nominee Certificate of Nomination. Award recipients will receive a Letter of Recognition and enjoy local and national recognition on a whole other level!

For a nominee to receive an award, they must be in attendance at one of the national Women of Inspiration™ Awards. There’s truly no better way to receive an award, then having it announced live, surrounded by other inspiring individuals and SupportHER’s across the country.

Experience past 2020 Virtual Women of Inspiration™ Awards.

What’s Different About Women of Inspiration™ Awards?

This event is about women celebrating women on a national scale. It’s about connecting. It’s about sponsors, allies, Supporters— men and women— from the business community voicing their support to advance women in business and support female entrepreneurs.

It’s also open to the public! Our national event was designed to elevate the achievements of women, making an impact within their communities and beyond. This means including the public who are impacted by these inspiring women. This event is a unique opportunity to connect with key stakeholders locally, nationally, and globally, along with building meaningful relationships with other inspiring groundbreakers and newsmakers.

It is an experience beyond the Awards and Gala extravaganza. It’s an experience that simply inspires people to be more and do more every single day.

Testimonials – Award Recipients

“Being nominated for this award has given me the realization that what you do in your life in business really does have an impact on the people around you even when you don’t think it does. Just being nominated for this award made me understand that “what you do really makes a difference, and as an individual, you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make”…Without even realizing it, your impact is truly inspiring to others, and that is the best recognition anyone can receive! It really changes your perspective on what you will continue to accomplish going forward!” Deb Milimaka Miles – 2019 Women of Inspiration SupportHER Award Recipient

“It was an incredible evening to be in the room with so many incredible women AND men who are champions for women, who have important stories to tell and who can be role models for future generations…Tonight, the celebration, Monica and Universal Womens Network™  has given us a forum to express those parts of our lives that have been difficult, but yet we keep pushing forward. It’s given us a place to be able to celebrate what we’ve accomplished in our world and no matter what happens, no matter how many times you fall, you can still pick yourself up and move forward. [Monica] is a champion of that. This has just been life-changing for me… I recognize for the first time that I can make a difference.” – Cynthia Hamilton-Urquhart – 2019 Women of Inspiration Unsung Hero Award Recipient 

“It is a great honour to be nominated and to receive an award from an incredible ladylike [Monica]. It changed my world because it validates everything that I’ve been working for and it honours the people that are supportive in my life and enable me to be supportive to others…I would encourage everyone to nominate – both men and women that support women. I think the more we have in our society, the stronger our relationships, the deeper our relationships, the better off we’ll be as a whole.” Cara Wolf – 2019 Women of Inspiration Trailblazer STEM Award Recipient

Universal Womens Network™ Membership & Award Nominees

We are sweetening the pot for our Award Nominees to become Members of Universal Womens Network™. We are inviting non-members who choose to become members of an extra special incentive to leverage your nomination. All nominees who become members will receive a complimentary Member Spotlight upon enrollment.

If my nominee is not a UWN Member, may I still submit their nomination? YES! Absolutely! Women of Inspiration™ Award Nominees receive interview opportunities for interviews with Universal Womens Podcast™ and our partners. These interview opportunities and social media recognition will help increase your personal and professional network.

Note that all 2021 Women of Inspiration™ Award Winners will be invited to become members as WOI Alumni. For more information about nominee acceptance of the nomination, visit the Nomination Package page. 

Stay tuned for exciting details about 2021 WOI Awards – Women of Inspiration Gala #WOI2021RaisingtheBar.

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Together We Are Stronger!

Become a 2021 Women of Inspiration™ Sponsor as a visible SupportHER™ and champion of women!

Women of Inspiration™ is more than just an awards event. It is an experience that celebrates and shines the spotlight on outstanding women in their fields. Over the past 5 years, Women of Inspiration™ has grown to a national event, recognizing over 1000+ women from diverse industries, and cultures. Bringing women and men to the table through the WOI Awards and SupportHER™, we are committed to Raising the Bar for gender equality.

In partnering with the 2020 Women of Inspiration™ Awards as a national sponsor, you have the opportunity to directly support the advancement of women across Canada. As a sponsor, you’ll elevate a woman in her greatness, be a leader within your industry, and create change by building a legacy of equality and action.

Become a part of an influential group of national sponsors and raise the bar everywhere for inspiring women.

Contact us today to learn more.



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