A Woman of Inspiration™

Award Categories

1. Advocate and Catalyst for Change Award

A woman who leads by example to drive change by advocating for causes that make an impact in the lives of others, the community, the workplace, or the environment. She is an advocate for change with a proven track record of success that inspires others with her dedication and commitment.

2. Authentic Leader Award

A woman who demonstrates exemplary leadership and has made significant contributions to her industry. She has not only earned the respect of her superiors to rise as a business leader and role model, but she has also earned the admiration of her peers. She empowers and supports other women in her workplace. She emphasizes building honest relationships, values input, has the mindset of an entrepreneur, and leads by example. courage, She is changing the landscape in which women serve.

3. Cultural Ambassador Award

A woman with a record of significant contribution by way of her dedication to enriching the lives of others. She may be a member of the visual, literary, performing arts, film, or broadcasting community. She is an advocate for women and leads by example to make an impact in the lives of others through her work.

4. Customer Experience Award

Sometimes women shy away from having the spotlight shine on themselves. This woman is deserving of the spotlight. Her personal dedication to her ideals concerning customer service ar second to none. We could all learn from her skill as an exceptional ambassador for the organization or company she represents as she serves the public with dignity.

5. Difference Maker Award

A woman with commitment and passion for serving others while making an impact and leading with purpose. Through her work as a compassionate and caring humanitarian, she demonstrates the application of business development strategies to implement solutions for social, cultural or environmental issues.

6. Diversity and Inclusiveness Award

This award recognizes an individual or a leader within the company, or organization with a commitment to developing and maintaining a diverse and inclusive culture or work environment. The recipient of this award may be an advocate for those without a voice, those who have experienced discrimination or have been challenged by human rights issues such as race, age, gender or sexuality.

7. Dream Builder Award

The recipient is a woman who is demonstrating that there is a space and a place for women who wear steel-toed boots to work or has successfully challenged a world of work or industry typically occupied by males. She is a cheerleader for women who seek employment in non-traditional areas including heavy equipment operation, construction, transportation, aviation, and trades.

8. Game Changer Award

A woman who has set her goals as an entrepreneur to forge a path on the road less travelled and to create a vision for her company on a global platform. She is a thought leader and visionary with a disruptor mindset able to adapt to changing markets. She has proven examples of success with established national, international and global platforms.

9. Global Impact Award

A woman who is recognized for breaking down barriers in her industry with documented success. She believes in empowering women to follow in her footsteps. She is a visionary leader of an international or global corporation. Her significant contribution to the betterment of her community locally, nationally and globally.

10. Health and Wellness Award

Being an influential leader and advocate for the bigger picture related to good health and wellness practices and solutions is a mammoth task. The recipient of this award champions for good health and wellness through personal endeavors, achievements, recognition and/or scientific acclaim. Her work in this field and her advocacy has significance.

11. Indigenous Leader Award

The recipient of the Indigenous Leader Award is a trailblazer. She is a woman who leads by her example to empower those around her. She is a business leader, entrepreneur, or professional who is making an impact in her community. She inspires others to dream big and to use their voice to influence positive, meaningful outcomes.

12. Influencer Award

This woman has a global vision coupled with a contagious message to share with the world. She radiates passion and purpose to make an impact in her community and this passion extends as far as her voice can reach. She is of service as a mentor paving the road less traveled for other women to follow. Influencers may be movement creators, speakers, authors, filmmakers, and recording artists.

13. Innovation Award

As an innovator, this woman is recognized for implementing something new with a following that matters. It's one thing to create something new; it's quite another to scale the innovation from concept to reality…be it concrete or intangible with evidence of success (potentially) across international boundaries. This award recognizes the creativity combined with the functionality towards solving a problem be it, for example, in the realm of export, research, thought leadership, manufacturing, technology or health.

14. Inspire Award

This award recognizes an individual whose example is so noteworthy as to spontaneously inspire others. This award is given to someone who not only embraces their personal ability to create influence for meaningful change but influences others to embrace theirs.

15. Integrity Award

Belief is a powerful engine. This Woman of Inspiration believes so strongly in the outcomes she seeks that her beliefs mould the path she is taking to get there. Her integrity channels her actions and her voice as she strives for solutions in the service she delivers seeking justice for all.

16. Lifetime Achievement Award

The recipient of this award is an extraordinary woman who has manifested a legacy that continues to inspire others. She has dedicated her life to the advancement of others and paved the way for the leaders of tomorrow. She is recognized as an ambassador for women through her extraordinary dedication, personal achievements, and service to others through mentorship, philanthropy, and business.

17. Mentorship Award

The recipient of this award is an extraordinary woman who has manifested a legacy that continues to inspire others. She has dedicated her life to the advancement of others and paved the way for the leaders of tomorrow. She is recognized as an ambassador for women through her extraordinary dedication, personal achievements, and service to others through mentorship, philanthropy, and business.

18. Millennial Leader Award

This rising star is a young woman who makes an impact through her personal involvement in business, community projects, and volunteering. She is an exemplary role model breaking barriers and traditional silos with proven business success. She is a young woman of influence, and inspiration in her community and she has the potential to expand her reach across Canada if not beyond Canada’s borders.

19. Nest Award

The recipient of this award is a single-parent mom who has overcome adversity and demonstrates resiliency. She is a business leader with proven success. She has transformed her life and the lives of her children with dignity and grace. She is a role model for her children. She is a mentor and advocate for single moms. She demonstrates by example that if she can do it, so can you, too.

20. Rural Leader Award

The recipient of this award is a leader in her community. She may be an entrepreneur, professional or business leader whose leadership and reach is defined more by recognition than by geography. Her determination, voice, and work make her a sought-after example for trailblazing roads less travelled. The Rural Leader Award recipient resides in rural Canada.

21. SupportHER Award

A company, organization or person that champions for women in their networks, workplaces, and communities. A SupportHER is a team player and active mentor who paves the road to empower women in leadership roles. A SupportHER is a champion for the inclusion of women in the goals and the vision of the enterprise. Examples include advancements in board membership, promotions leading to senior management positions and relevant professional development.

22. Trailblazer (STEM) Award

A woman who has broken barriers in the workplace or business community in the category of science, technology, engineering, mathematics, innovation or research. She is a catalyst for change and has made a significant contribution as a business leader. With her entrepreneurial spirit, she has a proven track record of her success.

23. Heidi Stevenson Unsung Hero Award

A woman who has made a significant contribution to empower, advance, advocate or support women in Canada. She is a service leader and role model in the public sector that demonstrates extraordinary leadership, commitment to cause, courage, and integrity. Nominations are open to women in public service to include: Police, Military, Firefighters, Canadian Forces, Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP). This award is namesake in Honour of Constable Heidi Stevenson, a Canadian Hero!

24. Vision Builder Award

Vision shapes our future. Vision shows us the way. Vision needs vision builders. It’s the vision builders who see the possibilities that are supported by education. They see knowledge as the gateway to get us there. This businesswoman is a vision builder who enables others to rev up their confidence to help make their dreams come true.

25. Youth Excellence Award

The recipient is a young role model who is making an impact in their community inspiring youth to think outside the box, follow their dreams and take action to put these dreams into motion. Our youth excellence award is an entrepreneur, trailblazer, inventor, performer under the age of 18 years old.

26. Women in Media

Women are the driving force behind the scenes to break the glass ceiling. The Women in Media award recognizes the work of women who have advocated for women and supported the voice of women via public forums such as the Press, Broadcasting, PR and Media.

27 Social Impact Award

The Social Impact Award is a new category that was born out of the pandemic and the need to acknowledge greater endeavors in support of our humanity. A woman who dedicates her life to making an impact as a successful non-profit with proven success, locally, nationally or globally.

28. Rising Leader Award

This is a new award category this year to recognize young women with a go-getter mindset and a drive that ignites her spirit to achieve beyond expectation. Their dedication to their cause, inspire our young leader to dream big. Her accomplishments are awe-inspiring!

29. Black Women Leader Award

A woman who uses her voice to Raise the Bar for black women to be seen heard and valued. The recipient of the Black Woman Leader Award is a role model and advocate for change. Her work is respected and recognized. She may be an entrepreneur, business owner, non-profit, professional.

30. Economic Empowerment Award

This award recognizes the achievements of a woman who has successfully challenged economic barriers to her success. Attracting a crew of volunteers in support of an enterprise, building a strong advisory board, successfully building a business with support from government grants are all part of strategic empowerment.

31. Immigrant Leader Award

This award recognized the positive impact being made by women as immigrants. The recipient of this award is a woman whose leadership, contribution, or achievement stands out whether her work is as a professional, as a volunteer or as a woman in business.

32 Transformational Leader Award

Transformational leaders encourage, inspire, and motivate (as coaches). THey empower their clients to take authority over their own decisions with a strong sense of independence and they create the space needed for them to find solutions to problems. As an executive, they set the example by offering a leadership track that may includes mentorship and training.

33. Raising the Bar Award

This award recognizes a woman who is well respected in her industry and demonstrates a passion for the success of women. She goes above and beyond to celebrate the achievements of her peers, co-workers, and women within her network. She continues to lead by example and raise the bar to slingshot women ahead.

34. Women-Led Award

Women are critical to our economy. This award is given to a woman who stands out not only as a successful entrepreneur but as a leader with an entrepreneurial mindset. She has established a significant and positive reputation for her business and has received recognition for her accomplishments.

Women of Inspiration™ Awards


We believe that “Every Woman Has a Story” and look forward to recognizing women and the men who SupportHER™ across North America inspiring others in their community and around the globe to do more and be more!

A Woman of Inspiration™ is an extraordinary woman who leads by example, lives on purpose, and inspires others to be more and do more. She is an everyday hero, game-changer, mover and shaker, and role model who leads by example with courage, confidence, commitment, and integrity, empowers those around her, and makes an impact in her community and around the globe.


Step 1: Nominate a Woman of Inspiration

Step 2: Completed Nomination PackageDeadline to  June 30

Step 3: Share the good news that you have been nominated! Nominees receive a special Women of Inspiration™  Awards Nominee Logo to add to your signature, website, LinkedIn, and Social Media Platforms.

Step 4: Purchase your tickets for the Women of Inspiration™ Awards

The Nominee Package must be completed by the nominee to be eligible. Please CLICK to complete. 

  • Nominees and nominators will receive a notification once a nomination has been received. A nomination package must be completed by the nominee by the deadline in order to be eligible.
  • All completed and eligible nomination packages will be forwarded to the Selection Committee for judging. Universal Womens Network™ reserves the right to withhold an award in any category.
  • Nominees are eligible for re-nomination in subsequent years by submitting a new Nomination Package and meeting the requirements for nomination.
  • Finalists will be notified prior to the event to attend the VIP Reception and Awards. Award winners will be announced at the Virtual Women of Inspiration™ Awards.
  • Nominee Award tickets are not included. The nominee must be present to be eligible for an award
  • Nominee and finalist’s names, bio, and photos may be published for editorial, marketing, or promotional materials for Universal Womens Network™, Women of Inspiration™ Awards.
  • The nominator provides consent on behalf of the nominee for submitting the Nomination Form. A Nominee may opt to decline nomination by contacting Universal Womens Network™
  • It is mandatory for all Women of Inspiration™ Award Recipients to become MentorHER™ Mentors. Commitment is 1 year (1-2 hours a month)
  • Nominees will be added to our CRM for updates about our network and details about our awards
  • Nominees are encouraged to lead by example and show support for fellow nominees
  • All programs and content are in English

Women of Inspiration™ Awards features an inspiring keynote and offers an opportunity to rub shoulders, celebrate and acknowledge the women and men who are disruptors, game-changers, difference makers, trailblazers, and newsmakers.

This event is about connecting and recognizing and celebrating the accomplishments of women on a national scale. It is also an opportunity to connect local, national, and global stakeholders, network, and build valuable relationships with other thought leaders, industry experts, and visionaries.

2022 Women of Inspiration™ (Virtual ) Awards – November 5, 2022



By nominating a woman, you are telling her and the world that she is an extraordinary and courageous woman that is inspiring others and making an impact on the lives of others. A woman of inspiration overcomes challenges with grace and lifts those around her. By nominating a woman, you are honoring her accomplishments, the opportunity to build a legacy, validating her hard work, dedication and contribution in the workplace, elevating her personal and professional profile, an opportunity to be recognized locally, nationally, and globally.

Nominating a woman who inspires you shows her that she has made an impact. This recognition could make all the difference in her world to keep moving forward in her purpose. When we celebrate the achievements of one woman, we celebrate all women!

  • Elevate her leadership confidence and visibility;
  • Provide her recognition on a local, national, and global level;
  • Validate her hard work, while affirming she’s on the right path;
  • Discover new opportunities to further her personally and professionally;
  • Increase her circle of influence with other like-minded women;
  • Attract and retain key talent and recognize your leaders.

We believe that “Every Woman Has a Story” and look forward to recognizing women and the men who SupportHER™ across North America inspiring others in their community and around the globe to do more and be more!

Award Categories

  • Advocate and Catalyst for Change Award
  • Authentic Leader Award
  • Black Woman Leader Award
  • Cultural Ambassador Award
  • Customer Experience Award
  • Difference Maker Award
  • Diversity and Inclusiveness Award Presented by Randstad Canada
  • Dream Builder Award Presented by AMJ Campbell
  • Economic Empowerment Award
  • Game Changer Award
  • Global Impact Award
  • Heidi Stevenson Unsung Hero Award
  • Health and Wellness Award
  • Immigrant Leader Award
  • Indigenous Leader Award
  • Influencer Award
  • Innovation Award
  • Inspire Award
  • Integrity Award
  • Lifetime Achievement Award
  • Mentorship Award
  • Millennial Leader Award
  • Nest Award Presented by Sunshine Village
  • Raising the Bar Award
  • Rising Leader Award
  • Rural Leader Award
  • SupportHER Award
  • Social Impact Award
  • Trailblazer (STEM) Award Presented by Mitacs
  • Women in Media Award
  • Women-Led Award by SureCall Contact Centers
  • Vision Builder Award
  • Youth Excellence Award by RBC
  • International Leader Awards (*Limited categories for International Awards)


Any individual or organization may nominate a Woman of Inspiration™. Nominate or Nominate yourself.

We accept nominations from women from all stages of business and life representing all industries. Previous nominees have included women from diverse educational and cultural backgrounds: entrepreneurs, businesswomen, professionals, executives, scientists, arts and media, not-for-profits, journalists, thought leaders, authors, athletes, lawyers, doctors, musicians, youth (under the age of 18), women with disabilities, advocates and women in public service from across North America.


  • Announcement as Woman of Inspiration™ Nominee on the Universal Womens Network™ website and featured in our newsletter. Watch for social media mentions leading up to the Women of Inspiration™ Awards.
  • Nominee Badge to announce your nomination on LinkedIn, Social Media, Marketing and Website,
  • Increase your circle of influence with like-minded leaders and key stakeholders.
  • Invitation to attend our VIP Nominee Reception.
  • Elevate your personal and professional profile locally, nationally and globally.
  • Increased credibility of your business profile or cause.
  • Enhance your legacy.
  • Be a part of the Women of Inspiration™ Awards and make valuable connections.
  • The feeling of being acknowledged, PRICELESS!


  • Presented with a Women of Inspiration™ Award Certificate
  • Opportunity to be interviewed by Universal Womens Network™
  • Recognized on Universal Womens Network™ website, newsletter, social media
  • Receive Women of Inspiration™ Awards Badge for your email signature, LinkedIn, Social Media, Website
  • Elevate your leadership
  • Become a Woman of Inspiration™ Alumni
  • Recognized as Woman of Inspiration™ Award recipient locally, nationally, or globally
  • Award Recipients Announced with Partners
  • Awards Announcement in UWomen Magazine™

We believe that being nominated is an honor that should be shouted from the mountaintop! We look forward to celebrating with you!


Q and A call and we can answer your questions about our awards and completing your nomination package! CLICK HERE to JOINFirst Wednesday of each month. Time: 1:00 pm MST (Mountain Standard Time)/ 3:00 pm EST (Eastern TIme)


  • Nominees must attend the Women of InspirationAwards Awards.
  • Nominees must complete and submit a Nomination Package. Don’t wait to leverage your nomination personally and professionally submit your Nomination Package today!  No late entries are accepted. Complete the Nomination Package.
  • If you are not already a member, you may choose to become a member of Universal Womens Network™.
  • To be eligible for the Millennial Leader Award, the nominee must be 34-years-old or younger on January 1, 2022.
  • To be eligible for the Youth Excellence Award, the nominee must be under the age of 18 on January 1, 2022. Any nominees under the age of 18 must have a letter of consent from a legal guardian.
  • Universal Womens Network™ reserves the right to withhold an award in any category and holds final determination on all awards.
  • The selection committee reserves the right to move a nominee to a category more suited to their strengths and skillsets without notification. View Categories.
  • Nominee’s and finalist’s names, bio, the photo will be published for editorial, marketing, or promotional materials for Universal Womens Netowork™ and Women of Inspiration™.
  • Nominees are eligible for re-nomination in subsequent years. A new nomination and Nomination Package must be submitted by the deadline.
  • This is an awards competition. Our Selection Committee Members have all signed Privacy Statements.


  • How to Nominate? Anyone may complete and submit an online nomination form. Once the Nomination form is submitted. The Nominee will be notified via email and invited to submit the Nomination Package. Nominee Packages must be completed to be eligible.
  • Who is responsible for completing the nomination package? Nominees are responsible for completing and submitting the Nominee Package online to be eligible.
  • What is the expectation for a WOI Nominee? Nominees are Ambassadors of Women of Inspiration™ and must be in attendance at the Women of Inspiration™ Awards to be eligible. Women of Inspiration™ Award. Recipients pay it forward to become a MentorHER™ Mentor for a minimum of one year. Winners are expected to become members of the Universal Womens Network.
  • Letter of Reference – We require Nominees to submit a min of (2) Reference letters in support of their nomination. Anyone internally or externally in your organization, board member, advisory council, mentor, or a person who can speak to your accomplishments and achievements may provide you with a letter of reference. Please submit in the form of a single PDF Doc with all letters of reference attached.
  • Letter of Consent – A letter of consent must be provided by parents or legal guardians for women under the age of 18.
  • Do Nominees need to purchase event tickets? Yes, Nominees are required to purchase Awards tickets prior to the deadline of September 30.
  • Nominees must be present at Awards to be eligible.
  • How Is Judging Completed?
  • Judging will be based solely on completed Nomination Package content submitted to Universal Womens Network™. 2022 Awards will be announced at the Women of Inspiration™ Awards.
  • How are Award Winners Chosen? All Nominee Packages are reviewed by our Selection Committee. Each member of our Selection Committee has signed a Confidentiality Agreement. Each nomination package will be reviewed by our Selection committee based on the information submitted.  Please ensure packages are completed before submitting them. Incomplete packages will not be eligible.
  • Criteria: Completed Nomination Package includes: Headshots, Letters of Reference, Awards and Recognition, Proven Personal and Business Success, Leadership, mentorship, evidence of advocacy for the advancement of women, and your own personal story of inspiration.
  • May I nominate a past Women of Inspiration Nominee or Finalist? Yes
  • Women of Inspiration Award Recipients (Alumni) – Past award winners are not eligible.
  • Are there any industry, cultural, or religious restrictions? NO
  • Are International Nominees (outside of Canada) eligible? We have created a special category International Leaders Award)  for the international nominations.

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