The Women of Inspiration Selection Committee

Meet our dedicated Women of Inspiration Selection Committee. Our Selection committee are volunteer business leaders, advisors and past Women of Inspiration Award winners who want to move the needle to celebrate women who are inspiring others through their actions and leadership!

Michelle Nedelec -Selection Committee Chair

Founder and CEO, Awareness Strategies, Best Selling Author, Executive Coach

Michelle Nedelec, Owner of Awareness Strategies, Success Therapy Clinic and creator of Success Therapy, the process; Michelle has been running her companies since 2003. As a business owner for over 25 years, Michelle specializes in helping business owners grow their companies through systems, strategies and state of mind. This includes business coaching, facilitating workshops and consulting management.

She not only has a passion for helping entrepreneurs grow into business owners, but also through life’s toughest moments. She has, in fact, accomplished some phenomenal breakthroughs in the world of trauma. She was even acknowledged for her work by being awarded the Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Award for her successful work with clients suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSD.

Donna Dahl - Author, Speaker, Empowerment Coach, 2016 Woman of Inspiration Award – Lifetime Achievement

Donna Dahl

Author, Speaker, Empowerment Coach, 2016 Woman of Inspiration Award – Lifetime Achievement

Donna Dahl, affectionately referred to as “the Coach’s Coach,” is an author, speaker, workshop developer and empowerment coach. Her work is inspiring and engaging. Despite huge personal challenges to regain lost skills resulting from injury, Donna personifies servant leadership. Her community service and her leadership shine with her popular workshops. She is not only the recipient of the 2016 Woman of Inspiration Award for Lifetime Achievement; she received the 100th Anniversary International Women’s Day Award for outstanding service in business and was awarded the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal.

Donna overcame difficulties with her memory following an automobile accident over 10 years ago. She had to relearn how to walk and talk. Today she teaches memory skills and is a coach’s coach. She has written several books in support of personal empowerment; her Tortoise Book, as she calls it, has received numerous rave reviews on Amazon. Her ability to overcome significant challenges is worthy of an award as well as her resiliency and her persistence to continue making a contribution to the empowerment of others. The substantial and noteworthy body of testimonials of her work from a diverse audience speaks volumes. Donna has successfully redefined herself and is an inspiration to us all. A number of renowned international coaches have hired her as their personal paid coach.

Christopher K. 
Virgin Beauty B!tch Podcast

Chris Kennedy

Founder - Virgin Beauty B!tch

If I must be placed in a box make it the one labelled Servant-Leader. Put me in with those who engineer change for the good of all humanity through deeds inspired by the golden rule. My education comes from paying attention to life, my degree is in making change happen, and my profession is the pursuit of Yin and Yang — the harmony of opposites. My name is Christopher, I am a writer with an answer on the tip of my pen to a question few ever ask — what it feminine?