Chloe Shingoose

Singer, Athlete

Miss Chloe Shingoose was born on a Friday the 13 th February 2004. You would think this would be a bad omen, but the girl has grit and silly superstitions were just another obstacle to be tackled. She has been a force since toddlerhood, never afraid to speak her mind (no matter how much it embarrassed her mother), and was often found singing as loudly as her tiny voice would allow, from Adelle to an inspirational song about whatever was going in view at that very moment, many one hit wonders about papa’s tractors or birds, she has under her belt.

Music has always moved this beautiful soul, after exceling in choir, solo vocals, piano and guitar, Chloe decided to take a break from conventional music and spends most days learning the ballads that speak to her. If you are lucky, she shares the odd beauty on rare occasions or is asked to sing for the odd event.

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