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The Universal Womens Network™ works with like-minded individuals and companies committed to moving the needle to advance women! Become a visible SupportHER™.

Contact us to learn about our corporate programs to support your equity, diversity and inclusion goals including programs, leadership development, coaching and integrated media campaigns: UWomen Magazine, the Women of Inspiration Book, podcast, speaking opportunities and more.

We work with like-minded organizations committed to SupportHER™ as a visible leader in your industry committed to gender equality and fostering a culture of diversity and inclusiveness at all levels of the organization. We have created an opportunity for companies of all sizes to provide your team with the tools, resources, and a platform to learn how to best advocate and champion for women in their networks, communities, and workplaces.

Contact us to support your existing initiatives and create a strategy to support your corporate goals. Programs are created to build upon learning or as a stand-alone. Customize a program to include facilitated workshops, and individual or group coaching sessions with accredited coaches.

Learn about our SupportHER™ Certification to provide your leaders with the tools and be recognized as champions in the workplace committed to SupportHER™.

Top Company – Equity, Diversity, Inclusion SupportHER Champions


Inspiring change for equity!


Apply to be a Top Companies – Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) SupportHER™ Champion.

Top companies are brands committed to inspiring change fro equity. They are industry leaders who demonstrate a  commitment to promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace. This recognition honors industry leaders who have taken meaningful action to create an inclusive culture, support the advancement of women and underrepresented groups and promote allyship. The Top Company Listing identifies organizations of all sizes as industry leaders committed to ED&I and to advancing women in business..

Top Companies have the opportunity to participate in the SupportHER Research Study – Closing the Gap by Welcoming Men to the Conversation. The annual study compiles data from women and men at all levels of business across diverse industries, Co-branding and International SupportHER Partnership opportunities available.

Top Companies – Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) SupportHER™ Champions are visible SupportHERs in their industry committed to leveling the playing field. Everyone plays a role to SupportHER™.

Top Company – Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (ED&I) SupportHER™ Champions are companies that inspire and empower others to join them in their efforts to advance women in business. This recognition acknowledges companies with the vision and determination to create a more inclusive and equitable workplace for all.

Apply to receive valuable recognition and an opportunity to amplify your message for equity, diversity and inclusion.

Showcase your company’s commitment to Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, the advancement of women, and allyship across all levels of business.

– Commitment to advance women in your industry.
– Share your commitment to ED&I within your organization.
– Showcase your initiatives to SupportHER™ in your workplace and ecosystem.
– Attract and retain top talent.
– Showcase your Supplier Diversity Program.
– Be a visible SupportHER™.
– Promote an inclusive culture and allyship within your organization.


  • Are you a company that values Equity, Diversity and Inclusion?
  • Are you in the process of taking meaningful actions to create an inclusive culture?
  • Do you promote allyship and the advancement of women and underrepresented groups?
  • Do you want to share your commitment and dedication to the work you are doing but are uncertain of how you can do this?

Is your brand….

  • Commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion with policies and practices
  • Commitment to leading by example with female leaders in senior roles.
  • Commitment to initiatives to support the advancement of women in decision-making and leadership roles
  • Commitment to diverse membership on the board of directors
  • Commitment to allyship to create an equitable workplace.


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SupportHER Research Study – Closing the Gap Welcoming Men to the Conversation as SupportHER Allies

According to the United Nations report, “Progress on the Sustainability Development Goals”, it will take 286 years to close the global gender gap. Women’s representation in positions of power and decision-making remains below parity. We need visible representation at all levels where decisions are made.

“Now more than ever, it is critical for everyone to play a role to champion women. SupportHERs (male allies), play a critical role to level the playing field and achieving equality,” says Monica Kretschmer, CEO of the Universal Womens Network Inc. In 2018, at the height of #metoo, my son was twelve. I recall thinking where are the good guys? Where are the male role models for our boys? Where are the voices of the male leaders  who understand the role they play to inspire change for a more equitable world?

“SupportHER™” was a word Kretschmer coined in 2018, to invite men to the conversation as our allies. Since that time, Kretschmer has created a SupportHER™ award category at the Women of Inspiration™ Awards to recognize male allies. There is also a SupportHER™ Certification Program for workplaces to educate and empower their teams for a more inclusive culture. She knew we needed more and wanted to create a movement for everyone to take action.

We declared the first Friday in June as International #SupportHER Day and challenged everyone to take action to champion a woman in their network, workplace and community. “Everyone plays a role,” says  Monica Kretschmer, CEO, of Universal Womens Network Inc.

The BCG Gender Diversity Survey reported male involvement in Gender Diversity Programs is strongly correlated with progress toward gender diversity.

  • 96% reported their company made good progress toward gender diversity in the past three years when men are involved.
  • 30% reported men are not involved.

By recognizing the achievements of women, you value their contribution, bring awareness to industries underrepresented by women, and elevate leaders (at all levels) and positions of power to what is possible.

The Universal Womens Network™ believes everyone plays a role in advancing women. We are challenging everyone to take one action to advance a woman in their network workplace and community. Be a visible SupportHER™ and inspire change to achieve equality. We must celebrate positive change, break barriers and take action to inspire change.

Who is a SupportHERA SupportHER™ is a champion (male or female, all genders) who promotes the success and advancement of women in their networks, workplaces and communities.


  • Take one action (or more) to SupportHER™
  • Share your story with us on social media about your SupportHERs
  • Nominate a Woman of Inspiration™ or SupportHER™

Spread the work. Tag us on social #SupportHERDay #Inspirechange

  • Challenge your employees to take action (network, workplace and community).
  • Provide training and awareness to the systemic challenges and barriers women face.
  • Engage leaders in positions of power and provide.
  • Lead by example in your industry to inspire change.
  • Promote a SupportHER™ culture of allyship.
  • Support your company goals and initiatives for EDI (equal pay, flexible work environments, removing biases, providing training and opportunities for leadership development).
  • Create Supplier Diversity Programs for women-owned businesses and visible minorities.
  • Invest in women-owned businesses and buy from women.
  • Write a referral or testimonial, sponsor, and make introductions to key stakeholders.
  • Be a champion when she is not in the room.
  • Host diverse panels that include women and men.
  • Educate yourself on others by having a conversation.



We work with like-minded organizations committed to SupportHER™ as a visible leader in your industry committed to gender equality and fostering a culture of

Our programs were designed to engage and build confidence for your leadership team. Modules are created in learning or as a stand-alone. Contact us to create a program to engage and inspire your team.

*SupportHER™ Certification upon completion of modules 1, 2 and 3.

Module 1 – Being a SupportHER 

  • Discuss the Top 10 Challenges that women face in the workplace
  • Identify ways to create a culture that supports women and enables allyship
  • Understand the importance of having Mentors, Coaches and sponsors

Module 2 – Inclusive LeadHER – Empowering Women to Rise

  • Discuss the challenges women face in the workplace
  • Examine how to build women up through professional development and leadership
  • Discuss ways to be an inclusive leader, ally and SupportHER
  • Identify opportunities for women to rise

Module 3 – Raising the Bar for Diversity and Inclusion

  • Address unconscious bias and microaggressions towards women
  • Discuss ways to demonstrate inclusive leadership
  • Examine policies and procedures to maximize diverse talent

Module 4 – BrandHER – Building Thought Leadership

  • Discuss opportunities for women to leverage their skills and expertise to build thought leadership.
  • Discuss ways to demonstrate thought leadership
  • Identify ways to develop your thought leadership voice and branding

Module 5 – EmpowerHER – Becoming Board Ready

  • Discuss the role, responsibility, challenges and opportunity.
  • Discuss the “Secret Sauce” to become board ready.
  • Identify the skills, timeline and career map to get you a seat at the table

Contact us to discuss your programming and leadership goals.


We work with organizations committed to SupportHER™ as a visible leader of gender equity, diversity and inclusion. Combine programs, workshops, networking, coaching, speaking and integrated media to further leadership development and build thought leadership.

Contact us to discuss your programming and leadership goals.


Elevate your corporate message externally to elevate your industry, company and initiatives.

Become a visible SupportHER of equity, diversity and inclusion. work with our team to create an integrated media campaign to elevate your company messaging, initiatives and leaders including sponsoring a leader to participate as a book contributor, editorial coverage, speaking opportunities, digital magazine features and podcast appearances.

Contact us to discuss your programming and leadership goals.



We work with organizations committed to SupportHER™ as a visible leader of gender equity, diversity and inclusion.  Individual, group or asynchronous micro-coaching to support and develop your leadership team.

Leadership development to support leaders at all levels of your organization with Coach Masters (certified coaches) and Business Masters (industry leaders and seasoned professionals). Provides leaders with the opportunity to strengthen leadership skills to lead teams, effective communication, empathy and foster respectful cultures and work environments. Complement existing leadership programs or stand-alone.

Invest in your leaders to unlock leadership potential to:

  • build trust
  • accountability
  • strategic thinking
  •  influence others
  • self-awareness
  • increase confidence
  • team engagement and productivity


Contact us to discuss your programming and leadership goals.



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