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The Universal Womens Network™ is a women-owned company unlocking the ripple effect to amplify the voice of women together with male allies and Top Companies that are visible SupportHER™ champions.

We are committed to raising the bar to advance women at all levels where decisions are made through the Women of Inspiration™ Awards, media, events, programs and certifications.

We welcome men to the conversation and strategically partner with companies from diverse industries.

We work with brands committed to being visible SupportHER™ champions dedicated to the advancement of women.

We value diversity in leadership and we empower leaders to inspire change for a more inclusive world.

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Inspiring Stories

UWomen Magazine™ – Inspire Change

Special Features & Articles

  • Tribute – Hazel (Hurricane) McCallion
  • Tribute – Elfriede Holtkamp
  • Everyone Plays a Role to SupportHER™
  • Celebrating Black History
  • SupportHER™ Spotlights
  • Why Nominate a Woman or SupportHER™ (Male Allie)

Meet our 2022 Women of Inspiration™ Award Winners!

Grab your cup of tea and enjoy the inspiring stories!

Monica Kretschmer – Editor-in-chief and Publisher, UWomen Magazine™

Special Features | Articles | 2022 Women of Inspiration™ Winners 

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Women of Inspiration™ Women Driving Change Book

Women are driving change in our workplaces, communities and the economy. These stories of Women of Inspiration™ and SupportHERs are authentic, relevant and relatable. These stories feature the everyday heroes that walk beside us every day including CEO’s , entrepreneurs, thought leaders and visionaries who inspire is to forge ahead, step on the gas pedal and dream big!

The Women of Inspiration™ Women Driving Change features inspiring women from diverse industries. These women are change-makers, role models, female entrepreneurs, leaders, visionaries, thought leaders, and everyday heroes who inspire us to forge ahead, take the road less traveled. Every woman has a story. Over 1000 inspiring, resilient and influential women from diverse backgrounds step into the spotlight to celebrate their success and share their wisdom.

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The Power to SupportHER

These past few months we have witnessed historical moments of women in the spotlight shattering the glass ceiling, breaking barriers and making history. The power of social networks sparked viral conversations about the injustices and biases, sexism and ageism that exist behind closed doors. Women are at the forefront. They are driving change. It is critical now more than ever for everyone to play a role with one common goal to SupportHER and champion for women.

My vision for the UWomen Magazine™ is an extension of the Universal Womens Network™ to elevate women as leading their companies or paving the road within organizations along with the companies and leaders committed to equity, diversity and inclusion. Together we are stronger.

Special Features & Articles

  • Billionaire Secret to Success – Jim Pattison – Interview
  • A Lifetime of Achievement – Maureen Chant
  • Letters to Lisa LaFlamme
  • SupportHER Spotlights
  • Leaving the Playing Field
  • Certified Women-Led Spotlights

Plus meet our 2022 Women of Inspiration Finalists!

Grab your cup of tea and enjoy the inspiring stories!

Monica Kretschmer – Editor-in-chief and Publisher, UWomen Magazine™

Special Features | Articles | Women across Diverse Industries

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UWomen Magazine™ is a dream that has been seven years in the making. I wanted to have a magazine for women who lead with purpose and the inspiration to follow through. When I launched our company seven years ago, my goal was to create a network where every woman belonged—an inclusive, non-judgmental community of women with shared values: courage, confidence, commitment and integrity.

My vision for the UWomen Magazine™ is an extension of the Universal Womens Network™. That is to bring these stories to life and drive change with a mission to empower, connect and inspire 1 billion people.

Special Features & Articles

Tara Slone – Letters to My Younger Self

Breaking Barriers Across Industries

  • Patricia Gagic
  • Kimberly Reeves
  • Kyla Lee
  • Siobhan Calderbank
  • Monica Dauenhauer

Ageism and more!

Grab your cup of tea and enjoy the inspiring stories!

Monica Kretschmer – Editor-in-chief and Publisher, UWomen Magazine™

Special Features | Articles | Women across Diverse Industries

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UWomen Magazine™

The UWomen Magazine™ is an extension of the Universal Womens Network™. That is to bring these stories to life and drive change with a mission to empower, connect and inspire 1 billion people. In this issue, we are inspiring action for equity!

Read inspiring stories of women from diverse backgrounds, and companies committed to advancing women in business along with male champions who SupportHER.

Special Features & Articles

  • Manjit Minhas
  • Hazel (Hurricane) McCallion
  • Major Jyoti Gondek
  • Katherine (Katie) Dudtschak
  • Youth – Peer to Peer Jam – Sophia Fairweather
  • Women: Seen, Heard, Valued
  • 2021 Women of Inspiration Awards Issue

Grab your cup of tea and enjoy the inspiring stories!

Monica Kretschmer – Editor-in-chief and Publisher, UWomen Magazine™

Special Features | Articles | Women across Diverse Industries


Our PodCast

Women of Inspiration™ Podcast – Catherine Bell

Article tagged with the following:

Women of Inspiration™ Podcast with host Monica Kretschmer. We are interviewing women making an impact locally, nationally, and globally. Join our podcast to listen to the inspiring journeys of women driving change, leading by example, ignoring the naysayers, and inspiring thos...

Feature Woman Led

EmpowerHER Stories

Sharon Grehan

Executive Director, Business Strategy & Operations / Global Lead for Women at Gilead, Gilead Sciences

Sharon Grehan, PhD serves as the Global Lead for the Women at Gilead ERG. Sharon drives global strategy and provides actionable counsel and support to >7,200 employees, with significant impact to the business and employees. She also serves as a strategic partner to relevant industry groups, diversity organizations, and associations, such as FairyGodBoss, HBA, California Women’s Conference, etc. A strong leader with high levels of team motivation, engagement, performance and empowerment, she has mentored hundreds of employees and is a role model for authentic leadership. Before joining...

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Rose (Marie) Gage

Independent BOD, ARIO/ CO2 GRO/ HEXO, MPOWRU & Great Governance Matters

Rose is an Independent Board Director (ID), Founder, Advisor, Coach and Mentor. She is Vice-Chair, ARIO; Chair, ESG and Compensation-CO2-GRO Inc.; ID, Vice-Chair, and ESG Chair-HEXO Corp. She’s former Chair, People and Sustainability-Link Energy; Chair–OAFT; ID-Hadrian Inc.; Governance Chair– UOHIF; Chair-ATCC; Chair-Guelph Energy Co-op, Treasurer and ID-FV Tel Co-op; and Vice-Chair WILF. She also serves as UWN’s Advisory Chair and Co-Chair, Alliance EDI Working Group. As Founder of Great Governance Matters and MPOWRUTM, she empowers SMEs through connection and resourcing of great minds wh...

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Tina Powell

Founder & Chief Content Curator, GLORIOUS IS SHE

Tina Powell is a nationally published journalist, an award-winning communicator, and a bestselling author. She is the Founder and Chief Content Curator of GLORIOUS IS SHE, a social media platform that celebrates Canadian women who inspire, achieve, and empower. She has a Master of Communication Management degree from the University of Southern California, a Bachelor of Commerce degree from York University, and an English degree from McMaster University. She is currently working toward her Master of Arts in Gender, Feminist and Women's Studies at York University, and is an Alumna Mentor in Y...

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Bina Kamath

CEO & Founder, Orion's Reach

Bina conceptualized and created Orion’s Reach - a nonprofit organization based on a mentorship model. The concept is unique in that it matches multiple mentors to a mentee to provide maximum benefit. The program is inclusive in terms of accepting all individuals for an all-encompassing mentoring program. All of her philanthropic efforts have been directed to empowering, influencing and energizing women. She received top mentor award for 2019-2020 from CCIS and similarly by Women in Leadership Foundation for her outstanding contribution and dedication. Bina was featured in 2019 & 2020 Know B...

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Angela Wisdom

Chief Revenue Officer, Leighton O'Brien

Angela is one of the most prominent and respected software sales executives in the downstream petroleum industry. She has diverse senior experience across business development, sales, project, partner and customer management positions for SaaS and technology companies to expand market presence and achieve significant revenue growth. With solid business acumen and a sharp customer focus, Angela is highly regarded for her ability to identify strategic and tactical customer needs, with a strong track record of driving value added technology solutions. She brings a high level of professional...

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Cathy Nesbitt

Worm Advocate/Founder, Cathy's Crawly Composters

Cathy Nesbitt is a Health and Wellness Advocate. Founder of Cathy’s Crawly Composters (est 2002), Cathy’s Sprouters and Cathy’s Laughter Club. She is a multi award-winning environmental innovator who uses workshops and inspirational speaking to motivate people to live a more sustainable life. Cathy is a certified Laughter Yoga Teacher. Appointed Laughter Ambassador in 2017 by Dr. Madan Kataria, founder of Laughter Yoga. Cathy is an avid cyclist and gardener.

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Good words from good people

This has been an incredible experience from the pride of being nominated to the shock of winning! Thank you to the Universal Womens Network™ for bringing so many diverse women and their successes into the spotlight. I’m honoured to be included in this exceptional group of women.

Erin Bigney - Director Research, Canada East Spine Division | 2021 Women of Inspiration™ Mentorship Award

As the recipient of the Women of Inspiration™ Vision Builder Award, I can't be more excited about such amazing recognition. As an Educational Leader, I aspire to make a continuous and real change in the lives of my students. Have a vision and a goal, set it in front of you and in God's hand and do your best to make it happen! Thank you once again for this honour that I will cherish.

Phoebe Wasfy, Principal Philopateer Christian College | 2021 Women of Inspiration™ Vision Builder

I am humbled by the nomination, the many awesome people who wrote recommendations and to be awarded the “Integrity Award”. Hearing the award introduction, I was in shock when you called my name! What a remarkable recognition for my life’s passion in working with others! I look forward to ensuring that others have the same opportunity in the future. Thank you, Monica and all the many others who make this possible for us all. I look forward to working with the other recipients to keep sharing!

Rose Marie Gage - Founder and Principal of Great Governance Matters and MPOWRU, Independent Board Director | 2021 Women of Inspiration™ Integrity Award

The Women of Inspiration Award is exciting, humbling and an honour. Thank you to those who believed in me and that saw the potential that I could make a difference in the world. That passion and resiliency can make an impact in our environment, whether we know the full extent or not. Recognition is so much bigger than me. It’s an opportunity to provide a positive influence and a chance to learn, grow and be motivated. Thank you to all the people who supported me on my path to receiving this award. it's not just my achievement; it's theirs, too.

Jennifer Green, Director of Competitions and Young Women’s Initiative, Skills Ontario | 2021 Women of Inspiration™ Dream Builder

The Universal Women's Network is an incredible organization that supports empowers and celebrates women founders, entrepreneurs, and trailblazers. I can attest to how meaningful this group is as I started my own company at age 50. Monica is herself a phenomenal force and woman to celebrate also. The Awards gala last night was so well done, so inspiring—I can't wait to have the chance to do this in person in the future.

Suzie Yorke, Founder and Board Director, Love Good Fats | 2021 Women of Inspiration™ Game Changer