Gina Izumi

SAP Canada - Senior Vice President

Gina Izumi inspires everyone around her – men, women, colleagues, customers, partners, friends. She encourages people to aspire to their dreams and find ways to achieve everything they desire. A tech executive, Gina serves as a catalyst for women, encouraging them to challenge themselves and explore uncharted territories. Her advocacy empowers women to break barriers and seize new opportunities. At SAP, Gina leads her team, which she has grown ten-fold from a revenue perspective since she took over, and who were recognized as the top midmarket team in North America in 2022. Her peers describe her as empowering, trusting and committed. Gina has spearheaded an initiative, Tee Up 4 Success, encouraging women to increase their confidence on and off the green while challenging corporate stereotypes. And her passion for supporting the next generation goes beyond her day job. She mentors lots of young talent at work, and many university students, sharing the available career pathways in tech. Gina’s unwavering commitment to mentorship, empowerment, and forging new paths makes her a true inspiration to all.

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