Sharon Grehan

Gilead Sciences - Executive Director, Business Strategy & Ops; Global Lead for Women @ Gilead

Sharon’s passion for leadership, commitment to the professional development of others, regardless of their grade level, and focus on authenticity makes her stand out among leaders at Gilead.
Her notoriety as a mentor and advisor has positioned her as one of the most sought-after mentors for men and women alike. She values the opportunity to share the wisdom and experience she has gained over her career to help others but also ensures everyone finds an approach that enables them to be their authentic self. Everyone wants to “be Sharon” but she guides them to be themselves - just a better version of themselves.
Sharon listens to understand, then asks questions, challenges thinking and gently but strategically guides towards alternative approaches in a personalized way. Everyone who has the pleasure of interacting with Sharon adores her and her main limitation is her team size as everyone wants to work for her.

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