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Women of Inspiration™ Podcast – Patricia Gagic – International Artist, Authour | 2020 Women of Inspiration™ Lifetime Award | 100 Women of Inspiration™ Book

For me, life is an Epic cosmic biological miracle… a roller coaster experience punctuated with profound moments of exhilaration and deep crevices of darkness. I also believe in synchronicity and karma. Life is a paradise of possibilities and is not a drive-by experience…. We are incalculably unique. I love stretching my mind and playing to the edge of limits. As an Abstract Artist, I create happy accidents with Divine Discontent. I have always felt art is daring, transparent, and should jolt us into consciousness. In fact, I think about life as an art… I ask what would life be like without Art? There would be noise and tones… but no music. There would be letters and words but no stories or novels. There would be pictures but no movie. There would be colors, dots, and lines, but no drawing. There would be shapes and materials. There would be no way to express human ideas, emotions, imagination, memories, or thoughts. We wouldn’t know what the past looked like. Whatever is difficult to find in life… Is possible in ART.

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