UWomen Magazine™


The Universal Womens Network™ – UWomen Magazine™ is a digital publication featuring the stories of women from diverse industries along with companies committed to equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI).

The UWomen Magazine features the inspiring stories of women, SupportHER™ champions. and the companies committed to raising the profiles of women as leaders in business.

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Elevate your corporate values, initiatives and messaging to support your ESG and EDI goals as a leader in the industry while enhancing your culture, elevating leaders and engaging customers, suppliers and communities across your ecosystem. Showcase the rewarding careers and opportunities in your industry to attract top talent and drive change in your industry.

• Elevate senior-level executives and experts in leadership roles (career path journeys, work-life balance, inspiring story)
• Feature your organization and its ecosystem as a diverse workforce, supplier base and supporting culture to enable your organization to serve its customers and empower them to compete in the global marketplace.
• Elevate allyship within your organization by featuring SupportHERs within the company. Welcome your male allies to the conversation. Why it is critical for allies to support women, what it means to them, how are they committing to raise the bar for women in your organization.
• Empower your ecosystem (customers, supply chain and meaningful partners to tell their story and their impact)
• Impact on the community – Contribute stories of impact in the community, giving back, sustainability and success
• Elevate awareness of careers for women in your industry

Dear Readers,

The UWomen Magazine™ is a dream that has been eight years in the making. It was my vision to create a media platform to share the stories of leaders and companies leading by example to champion women along with our allies who SupportHER.

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My vision for the UWomen Magazine™ is an extension of the Universal Womens Network™. That is to bring these stories to life, to engage our workplaces and communities with a common purpose to inspire action for gender empowerment.

Read inspiring stories of women from diverse backgrounds of all ages, legends, and our male champions who SupportHER. Are you interested in advertising? Contact us to learn more. 

Grab your cup of tea and enjoy the inspiring stories!

Monica Kretschmer

Editor-in-chief and Publisher, UWomen Magazine™


MARCH 2023 – Inspire Change 


OCTOBER 2022 – Power of SupportHER!


APRIL 2022 – Women: Seen, Heard, Valued!


DECEMBER 2021 – Women Driving Change!



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