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Diana Monea

Eye Health Centres

Tell us about your business and why you chose this path?

The eyes are the windows to the soul- over 40 years I have seen millions of these souls and Optometry has allowed me to heal a body from the organic to the inner self- when you see a new world - "seeing is believing" that all is possible. Who could ask for anything better?

What support did you need to get started and keep the dream alive?

The support of my mother & father who believed that in me. It was all that was necessary to keep me moving forward. A support system and education made it all possible!

How do you create work-life balance in your world? Is there such a thing?

No such thing- life throws you curve balls and it it important to continually reformat based on the necessity the priorities of life as they change due to health, family & time

What do you think it takes to be a successful entrepreneur or business person?

Passion, grit, understanding and caring with true empathy.

What is your life motto?

To make a difference in someone's life for the better.

Tell us about a challenge that you have faced in your own life that has influenced who you are today!

Poverty as a young child and knowing how that feels when people treat you as third rate- I made a deternination at the age of 6 that when I could, I would because I can help anyone espcially a child to achieve their full potential and that I would never judge because with determination and encouragement lies in all of us something unique and very special that needs to be known & developed in this world.

Who has influenced or inspired you and why?

My Mother, through grit, poverty , determination and many defeats this woman never gave up and believed that in everyone was a seed waiting to be germinated - it just took the right belief and encouragement & all of us regardless of who we are need at sometime some one who cares to listen and guide us as we are worth it!

Who is a Woman of Inspiration to you? Why?

Iris Apfel, because she dances to her own tune & at age 96 is still "rocking" it!

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I hope to be on the lecture circuit speaking to all sorts of people on the topics I have covered in the book I am currently writing! " I SEE. I CAN!" that anything & everything is possible if you really want it, regardless of circumstance.

What attracted you to The Nest?

mentoring woman. making differences and showing these woman that "life is a party, every day, dress for it!" and that things always work out!

My go to drink is...

A really good coffee!

I cannot live without my....

to do list of all the things I want to accomplish before this world ends for me!

My passion is....

Examining the eye health of children, mentoring all sorts of people particularly younger woman, fashion and public speaking

My favorite destination is....

Anywhere in Europe to explore other people & other countries

Charity I support .....

In House Charity giving free eye health exams & glasses to strre kids called "Anna's vision"
Ally for the movement #notinmycity- to end human trafficking

My power song is.....

Tina Turner: Proud Mary

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