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CIBC Capital Markets

At CIBC, inclusion isn’t just a buzzword — it’s the cornerstone of our bank’s culture. That’s why we work hard to provide inclusive banking, invest in building our team’s inclusive leadership capabilities and practice inclusive talent management. 

At CIBC, we’re committed to supporting our communities and removing barriers to ambition for the next generation of leaders through greater access to education and employment outcomes.

  • 50%  – Percentage of women on the CIBC Board of Directors
  • 43% Percentage of people of colour on our team
  • 55% Percentage of the CIBC global workforce that are women
  • 94% of CIBC employees believe their teams support an inclusive workplace where everyone’s differences are valued.


Inclusive leadership

Inclusion is a priority from the top to all levels of our organization through our Inclusion and Diversity Leadership Council, chaired by our President and CEO, Victor G. Dodig.

Disrupting unconscious bias

Unconscious bias training makes us aware of the biases we all hold. Team members across our organization have participated in these workshops to create stronger, more balanced decision-making, and actionable strategies to build inclusion across our bank

Putting people first

We want everyone to prosper at CIBC. When we hire and promote, we measure and take action to make sure we’re being inclusive. We believe in helping you build your career from the day you’re hired, and in supporting a healthy balance for all of our people.

Inclusive client service

We take pride in creating experiences that let our clients know we care by taking the time to understand their unique needs. Our team members participate in learning that makes sure all of our clients feel like they belong at CIBC.

Corporate Partners