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Every Woman Has a Story! DREAM BIG!

Women of Inspiration™ led by example ignore the naysayers and take the road less traveled. They are the role models and the everyday heroes making an impact in our local, national and global community.

On September 26, 2015, the inaugural Woman of Inspiration™ Awards recognized one woman who inspired our founder to create an award to honour the everyday hero. Women of Inspiration Awards has grown organically from 200 guests with one award to a National Awards Program with multiple Diverse Award Categories celebrated nationally. Woman of Inspiration™ is Canada’s fastest-growing women’s network that continues to attract attention and support of government officials, various associations, industry A-Lister’s and has featured the stories of inspirational speakers from around including Amanda Lindhout, Barb Stegemann, Rachel Mielke, and Roz Savage.

Since 2015, Women of Inspiration has raised the profiles of over 700 women nationally and awarded 150 Woman of Inspiration™ Awards. Woman of Inspiration™ lead, inspire and motivate others to be more and do more! They are role models who take the road less travelled and pave the road for others to follow in their footsteps and use their voice to make change locally, nationally and globally. Woman of Inspiration™ are our catalysts for change and inspire us all to DREAM BIG!

Connect with Visionaries, Game Changers, Trailblazers, Innovators, Movers and Shakers making an impact locally, nationally and globally. Celebrate the achievements of women and connect with key stakeholders, visionaries, thought leaders, game changers and business leaders who shape our local, national and global community.

Nominations open across Canada January 1, 2020!

Elevating female role models is critical, to advance women personally and professionally. Meet the unstoppable women and men making an impact in our community and around the globe!

2020 Women of Inspiration™ Awards and Women of Inspiration Gala

• Calgary
• Vancouver
• Toronto
• Montreal

We are changing perception, creating role models, and moving the needle to embrace diversity and by elevating role models and the male champions who empower women. Together we are stronger!

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Why Nominate an Inspiring Woman?

By nominating her, you are honouring her accomplishments, contributing to her legacy, validating her hard work and her contribution to the workplace. You are helping her see her worth and unknowing impact. You are taking action to SupportHER™, elevating role models to be recognized on a local, national and global level.

Your nomination empowers an inspiring woman through:

• Local, national, and global exposure
• Additional media and PR coverage
• Connections with other like-minded, influential leaders
• Opportunities to create change on a larger stage
• Elevating her business, building her legacy as a leader in her industry
• Recognition for her achievements and journey, and
• Increasing her circle of influence, inspiring the next generation of leaders.

When you nominate, the ripple effect is far-reaching!

In partnering with 2020 Women of Inspiration™ Awards as a national sponsor, you have the opportunity to directly support the advancement of women across Canada. As a sponsor, you’ll elevate a woman in her greatness, be a leader within your industry, and create change by building a legacy of equality and action.

Become a part of an influential group of national sponsors and raise the bar everywhere for inspiring women.

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2020 Woman of Inspiration™ Awards Calgary | Vancouver | Toronto | Montreal

Women of Inspiration

Women of Inspiration to me is someone who is not afraid to be who they are, and to be able to go out and show that to people, and also just stand up for what they believe in and what’s important to them.

Nicole Sgarbossa, Communications Coordinator of Homefront Calgary

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The WOI event was a real class act - from the nominees, to the organizers and the venue itself! It was great to be a part of such a truly inspiring evening. I was especially impressed by the diversity of the winners and equally pleased to see numerous men in attendance to support their peers.

Mike Giannoumis - Senior Vice President Technology Operations, Paysafe Group

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I am truly honored to have been chosen for the SupportHER Award at this year’s Women of Inspiration Gala. Being a member of the Canadian Business Chicks organization has been a wonderful experience. Unlike most members, I’m based out of Montreal, so having the opportunity to represent the team in a different province has been unique and rewarding. I am thrilled to be part of this network and look forward to continuing to be a passionate advocate about the change needed in the workplace with regards to diversity and inclusion.

Tara Wilson, GM Paysafe and Income Access | 2018 Woman of Inspiration - SupportHER Award

This is a testimonial given for Universal Womens Network™.