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Welcoming Male Allies to the Conversation as SupportHER™ Champions

We are committed to inspiring change by recognizing SupportHER™ (male allies) committed to the advancement of women personally and professionally.

To achieve equality, men must be part of the conversations and lead by example as visible SupportHER™ champions. As an organization, the Universal Womens Network™ is disrupting the status quo by recognizing women and men working together to create a more equitable world.

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Everyone plays a role to advance women.

We work with like-minded organizations committed to SupportHER™ as a visible leader in your industry committed to gender equality and fostering a culture of diversity and inclusiveness at all levels of the organization. We have created an opportunity for companies of all sizes to provide your team with the tools, resources, and a platform to learn how to best advocate and champion women in their networks, communities, and workplaces.

Contact us to support your existing initiatives and create a strategy to support your corporate goals. Programs are created to build upon learning or as a stand-alone. Customize a program to include facilitated workshops, and individual or group coaching sessions with accredited coaches.

Learn about Leadership Programs and  SupportHER™ Certification to provide your leaders with the tools and be recognized as champions in the workplace committed to SupportHER™.

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According to the United Nations report, “Progress on the Sustainability Development Goals”, it will take 286 years to close the global gender gap. Women’s representation in positions of power and decision-making remains below parity. We need visible representation at all levels where decisions are made.

“Now more than ever, it is critical for everyone to play a role in championing women. SupportHERs (male allies), play a critical role in leveling the playing field and achieving equality,” says Monica Kretschmer, CEO of the Universal Womens Network Inc. In 2018, at the height of #metoo, my son was twelve. I recall thinking  Where are the male role models for our boys? Where are the men and leaders in positions of power who understand the role they play to advance women and a more equitable world?

“SupportHER™” was a word Kretschmer coined in 2018, to invite men to the conversation as our allies. Since that time, Kretschmer has created a SupportHER™ award category at the Women of Inspiration™ Awards to recognize male allies to celebrate role models driving change or women to succeed. This is the tip oif the iceberg as everyone plays a role. The  SupportHER™ Certification Program for workplaces to educate and empower their teams for a more inclusive culture. She knew we needed more and wanted to create a movement and opportunity for everyone to take action and play a role. Together we are stronger.

We declared the first Friday in June as International #SupportHER Day and challenged everyone to take action to champion a woman in their network, workplace and community. “Everyone plays a role,” says  Monica Kretschmer, CEO, of Universal Womens Network Inc.

The BCG Gender Diversity Survey reported male involvement in Gender Diversity Programs is strongly correlated with progress toward gender diversity.

  • 96% reported their company made good progress toward gender diversity in the past three years when men are involved.
  • 30% reported men are not involved.

By recognizing the achievements of women, you value their contribution, bring awareness to industries underrepresented by women, and elevate leaders (at all levels) and positions of power to what is possible.

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