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Become a Visible Champion and SupportHER™

Everyone can play a role to promote gender equality. The Universal Womens Network™ works with like-minded individuals and companies committed to moving the needle to advance women! Become a visible SupportHER™. Contact us to learn about Sponsorship opportunities for the Women of Inspiration™ Awards. Become a Corporate Member. Become SupportHER™ Certified!

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  • Awards Sponsor – Women of Inspiration™ Awards
  • Corporate Sponsorship Program – Let’s have a discussion to learn about your corporate goals to support your leadership team and SupportHER champions within your organization.
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We are a 100% Universal Women-Owned Company. by supporting us you are helping us to make it all happen!

Proudly Universal Women-Owned™ Certified! Thank you for leading by example to SupportHER™! Become Certified!



Become a visible champion for women in your industry. Become a Category Awards Partner for Women of Inspiration Awards

Commit to Raising the Bar for women in your network, workplace, and community.

Contact us to talk about your goals to be a visible champion, and let us support your strategic goals!

Nominate leaders within your organization and recognize their achievements. When you celebrate the achievements of one woman, you celebrate the achievements of all women!


Become a sponsor of Women of Inspiration™ Podcast | SupportHER™ Podcast and Online Career Path Leadership Series.


SupportHER Members are allies from organizations committed to moving the needle for equity, diversity, inclusion and belonging as visible leaders who SupportHER™s in the workplace, network and community. SupportHER members know inclusive environments are not only good for the bottom line, but are also critical for positive workplace culture, innovation, decision making, creating well-rounded teams,  attracting top talent, and retaining key leaders.

Our corporate membership enables female leaders within your organization to grow personally and professionally. We have created an opportunity for leaders to build valuable relationships, share best practices, build leadership skills, and belong to a non-judgmental network with like-minded women who believe together we are stronger!

SupportHER™ Program and Certification

We work with like-minded organizations committed to SupportHER™ as a visible leader in your industry committed to gender equality and fostering a culture of diversity and inclusiveness at all levels of the organization. Contact us to support your existing initiatives and create a strategy to support your corporate goals.

Be recognized as a champion for women! Learn about our SupportHER™ Certification to provide your leaders with the tools and be recognized as champions in the workplace committed to SupportHER! We have created an opportunity for companies of all sizes to provide your male allies with the tools, resources, and a platform to learn how to best advocate and champion for women in their networks, communities, and workplaces. SupportHER™ Certification Includes Online Training, interactive sessions, resources, and SupportHER Certificate and Badge for your professional LinkedIn Profile. SupportHER Certified may apply as Universal Coach Master.

SupportHER™ Executive Masterminds

We partner with companies and like-minded Diversity Leaders committed to moving the needle to SupportHER. Join the conversation with leaders from diverse industries who share their best practices and strategies to support women in business. Our SupportHER Masterminds provide executives with valuable peer to peer support, and the opportunity to build relationships and key connections with leaders from leading organizations in a safe environment. Book a Discovery Call.

SupportHER™ Directory

List your business in your SupportHER Directory. Includes link to your website, log, and contact information!


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How to SupportHER

  • Create a SupportHERCulture
  • Lead by Example
  • Invite (more) Women to Attend Meetings
  • Share Office Work
  • Give Credit To A Woman for her Contribution
  • Close The Wage Gap
  • Take Action When You Notice Unfair Behavior
  • Write a Letter of Recommendation
  • Introduce Key Contacts
  • Mentor the Women in your Organization
  • Give Women roles as Mentors
  • Recognize Her Achievements
  • Make Room at The Table
  • Take Classes in Unconscious Bias
  • Participate as 50/50 Partnership
  • Champion Her Ideas
  • Be an Active Father
  • Share in Household Activities
  • Be Aware of Your Own Bias
  • Lead by Example
  • Model Respectful Behavior
  • Buy from Women-Owned Businesses
  • Write a Testimonial Letter of Reference
  • Recognize Her Achievements