Women of Inspiration - Women Driving Change!

About The Book

Women drive change!

The  Women of Inspiration™ – Women Driving Change features inspiring women from diverse industries.

These women are change-makers, role models, female entrepreneurs, leaders, visionaries, thought leaders, and everyday heroes who inspire us to forge ahead, take the road less traveled, and dream big!

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About The Book

This is a historic time for women to be seen, heard, and valued! It is time for women to drive change!

Women of Inspiration™ are fearlessly stepping into their power and Raising the Bar for all women. We are determined to close the gap and advance women to step into their voice and inspire our younger generations to dream big. Every woman has a story!

Women of Inspiration™ lead, inspire, and motivate others to greatness.

When we celebrate one woman, we celebrate all women!

Women of Inspiration™ – Women Driving Change book features the voices of inspiring leaders from diverse industries making an impact and driving change!


Women of Inspiration™ Book – Women Driving Change!

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Women of Inspiration™ – Women Driving Change!

Meet inspiring women from diverse backgrounds, industries, sectors living on purpose and paving the road for others to follow!

It is time for women to drive change!

Now more than ever these voices are needed to bring about the insight and perspectives required to ensure bright futures for us all. Together we are stronger and the importance of ensuring every voice is honoured.

Our mission is to empower and connect 1 billion women.

Our goal is to take action to break down barriers to further amplify the voices of women in under-served areas, industries, at the boardroom table, in the workplace, and in the community. To unite people,  companies committed to diversity and inclusion, and elevate the voices of female entrepreneurs,  business leaders, and change-makers, and position Canada as a global diversity leader.

Good People, Good Words

I am still on a spiritual high coming from last night. You transcended my expectations in a way I didn’t imagine possible. Your sense of purpose and connection to women is a gift to US as women. Thank you for embodying the spirit of Ubuntu/Oneness (I am because you are). Looking forward to being a part of The Universal Women’s Network family. Through your platform, we as women feel heard and seen. Thank you for all you do in creating a safe space for us to show up in our light and express our unique gifts.

Dr Nothabo Ncube - 2020 Women of Inspiration™ Black Women Leader

What an absolutely incredible experience it was to be recognized as a 2020 Woman of Inspiration through the hard work of the Universal Women's Network that put on an incredible event and has been elevating all nominees all year long. I look forward to the journey and continuing to do amazing things together with this group of inspiring women!

Tracy Lamourie, Founder, Managing Director & Media Strategist LAMOURIE MEDIA

I believe that every woman has endless potential and it is very important to recognize, and celebrate their achievements big and small. We all need support, encouragement, and community on this journey. It is a true honour to be surrounded by such an inspiring, motivated, diverse group of women. Monica has a passion for helping women succeed and feel confident and has created a like-minded community -together we honour leadership, courage, hard work, commitment and dedication to dreams. The Women of Inspiration™ Awards are ultimately about empowerment and connection.

Philanthropist, Fashion Entrepreneur, Model, Reality TV star Real Housewives of Toronto

Being nominated for this award has given me the realization that what you do in your life in business really does have an impact on the people around you even when you don’t think it does. Just being nominated for this award made me understand that “what you do really makes a difference, and as an individual, you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make”…Without even realizing it, your impact is truly inspiring to others, and that is the best recognition anyone can receive! It really changes your perspective on what you will continue to accomplish going forward!

2019 Women of Inspiration™ SupportHER Award

It was an incredible evening to be in the room with so many incredible women and men who are champions for women, who have important stories to tell and who can be role models for future generations. The celebration, Monica and Universal Womens Network™ have given us a forum to express those parts of our lives that have been difficult, but yet we keep pushing forward. It’s given us a place to be able to celebrate what we’ve accomplished in our world and no matter what happens, no matter how many times you fall, you can still pick yourself up and move forward. [Monica] is a champion of that. This has just been life-changing for me… I recognize for the first time that I can make a difference.

2019 Women of Inspiration Unsung Hero Award