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Sam Bell

Mamaita's Journey

'Mamaita's Journey' is my journey to stop existing and start living. It started as a blog recording the EMDR sessions that revealed the events from my past that had been buried so deep for so long. I wanted my son to understand someday the reasons why I had removed him from my family. The blog got noticed and people started to…

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We are a multimedia and events platform committed to Gender Equality, diversity, and inclusiveness. We are a sustainable network of entrepreneurs, business owners, change-makers, industry experts, innovators and difference-makers who are making an impact locally, nationally and globally. We elevate inspiring women and the men who SupportHER, pay it forward to help support other women on their journey, build meaningful connections globally, forge strategic partnerships with key stakeholders to advance women in business.

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  • Students are the future, and getting female students actively involved in the business community now and for the future is integral. Being a student is expensive - tuition costs, textbooks, rent, and other bills - it’s important for students to know and take advantages of discounts when they present themselves. Students will gain industry knowledge by attending industry events and conference.
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  • Women supporting one another to achieve their goals and be successful is a powerful feeling. We welcome women and men who believe together we are stronger!
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  • SupportHER™ Membership enables us to move the needle to unite people with the purpose to empower women in business. This membership is for men who want to show leadership and stand in the gap for the female employees that they work with every day. A mission of this package is to support and propel women and men to be vocal leaders who articulate the need for equal numbers of men and women at the table, wherever that metaphorical table may be.
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  • *Tier 1 - Starting $ 2,500 Annual SupportHER™ Membership
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  • - SupportHER™ Logo for marketing as a visibly Gender Diversity Leader
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  • Our Corporate Members are like-minded organizations committed to moving the needles for equality and visible leaders who SupportHER™ locally, nationally and globally. Diversity and Inclusiveness is not only good for the bottom line of your business, it’s critical to attract top talent, retain key leaders, create well-rounded teams at all levels, advance women in leadership within your organization. We work with organizations committed to advancing women in business and recognized a Leader in Diversity.

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Good People, Good Words

Being among so many inspiring women at the Women of Inspiration Nominee Celebration Luncheon was incredibly energizing.

Stephanie McLean - Former, Minister Status of Women

Stephanie McLean - Women of Inspiration

I've been a member for the last year and what I love is that it is more than networking. The Nest is a community that has a special quality because of Monica's vision and her commitment to her powerful ideas. All women are welcome, and that's how I feel every time I go to a Breaky or special event. I've met heart-centered people in business from all walks of life and made high-quality connections.

Christina Marlett
Founder, Courageous Self

I enrolled in Canadian Business Chicks because I connected with the organizational values: Courage, Confidence, Commitment, and Integrity – and enjoyed the positive energy of the ladies attending. Monica is building a needed collaboration point with The Nest for women with an abundant mindset who value authentic conversations and alliances, while having fun and giving back. As my focus is Coaching Visionary women with a social enterprise element in their business, I felt a strong connection to several of the powerful women members, who are clearly disrupting traditional business models, and stepping into new levels of courageous success while supporting other women. This evolved into our collaborative relationship where I support (Chair) Canadian Business Chicks Authentic Mentorship Program - helping members expand their business success even further. Win-Win!

Yvonne E.L.S. 
Flourish Executive Coach