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Tammy Sherger

I Am Worth It Project

Meet Tammy Sherger … I Am Worth It Project Founder, Entrepreneur, Author, TEDx Speaker, your 6 Figure + Business and Life strategist who challenges you to look within yourself to discover who and what you can be, turning possibilities into realities.
Today, with over 20 years of high-level business experience, Tammy knows what it takes to get that promotion, build that start-up, land that raises, and negotiates a “yes” to the things you really want.
Known for her impactful, inspiring, no-fluff coaching Tammy teaches women -- through live events, her corporate programs, online courses and mentorship masterminds.
Tammy’s journey and her passion to share her experiences through both business and philanthropic endeavors are both inspirational and motivational. Tammy is waking women up around the world with her global movement to help them live the Worthy, Wealthy Lifestyle. Tammy lives in Canada and teaches around the world.

Donna Dahl

Donna P. Dahl, Author, Master Empowerment Coach, and Developmental Manuscript Editor, 2016 Women of Inspiration Lifetime Achievement

Donna P. Dahl, Author, Master Empowerment Coach, and Developmental Manuscript Editor, is the recipient of the 2016 Woman of Inspiration Award for Lifetime Achievement, the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal and the 100th Anniversary International Women's Day Award for outstanding service. She says, "Everything I bring to the table is a melding of a complex business/psychological/sociological/entrepreneurial/experiential mosaic with a unique set of training and skills at the Master's Degree level. This mosaic enables me to deliver a solution-focused uniqueness that is elegant and responsive...no matter your walk of life.

1. Success: Paint Your Own Umbrella
2. Leadership: How to Bathe a Chicken and other Uncertain Methodologies
3. Diversity and Inclusiveness: The Tortoise, The Hare, and the Team

Paint Your Own Umbrella is a self-reflection workshop that builds on personal awareness. Come prepared to learn about changing some of the beliefs you hold about yourself, possibilities for renewal, personal branding, and opportunities for self-care. What if you could see yourself in a whole new light? You may discover that reinventing yourself could be as easy as painting your own umbrella.

The presentation entitled How to Bathe a Chicken is based on Donna's latest book, "Empowering the Leader Within You." Discover the seven essentials to standing out as an entrepreneurial leader.

The Tortoise, The Hare, and the Team is a presentation that explores the challenges of sharing the workload amongst the members of a diverse group while working toward positive outcomes.

Marnie Grundman

Marnie Grundman

Understanding the impact of child abuse: Emotional, physical and sexual. How to heal from trauma and child abuse. Runaways/homeless youth What they face, why they run, and how to serve them when they return. Please note that I can tailor the event.

Television | Radio | Interviews | Spokesperson | Event MC Retreats Workshops | Conferences | Panel Discussions | Consulting Training - Sensitivity - Prevention - Intervention | Youth Groups | Schools

I began running away at the tender age of 5 years old after being dropped out of a two-story window; by 13 I was living on the streets full-time, having finally left my abusive family for good. I share my personal story with full transparency and vulnerability that draws audiences in as if I were speaking to each person individually. Along with my personal story of overcoming adversity, I work to advocate for our youth experiencing homelessness, delving into the misunderstood topics at the heart of this grave issue.

The Silver Lining of Trauma.
This talk focuses on how to use your past experiences as tools for growth to move forward from trauma in a positive way. Surviving trauma provides a unique skill set that is central to resilience. As you embrace turning trauma into a tool, you come to a point of strength and perspective where nothing is insurmountable.

Grieving is Receiving.
In a world focused on moving forward, we often gloss over the grieving process. There is a guilt attached to giving time to “old wounds.” The result is that we carry them around unprocessed. This talk focuses on how and why we need to grieve to move on to a lighter, happier life.

We Are All Perfectly Imperfect.
The stigma of being less than, of not achieving the milestones of our peers, whether its completing high school, going to college or owning nice things, is ever-present as we move forward with our lives. Part of moving from survival to survival includes finding our own self-worth, finding a deeper sense of self-image beyond our past, beyond the perfectly filtered personas and unrealistic expectations of society and our peers.

(C)-PTSD | TRAUMA (Carole,) Peter, Tom, Sally, and Diane
Making Friends with Your Un-invited Guests. Trauma survivors never completely heal. Triggers are something we need to make peace with and integrate into our lives to have control of our trauma/triggers. That control allows victims to become survivors.

HIDDEN IN PLAIN SIGHT - Human Trafficking
The real faces of human trafficking are all around us in our daily lives. We are sitting to next them in restaurants, in line at the grocery store. The duct tape, the chains, the imprisonment is in their minds linking them to their traffickers. This talk is about the complexities of grooming victims and how to spot the early warning signs to recognize these invisible victims.

YOU ARE NOT ALONE - Youth Workshop
Focus: Runaway Prevention | Human Trafficking Awareness
Trauma is a lonely road; when something bad happens, people have a tendency to think they are the only ones. Worse yet, they think they deserve it, and the trauma they suffer is compounded with guilt, shame, and isolation. This workshop shines a light on the truth in an interactive and meaningful way. Attendees leave with a new set of tools to help them be more mindful of what’s around them and supportive of peers who may be suffering. Awareness, compassion, and connection are vital to ending cycles of trauma and abuse and restoring self-worth and our place in the world.

I am currently working on a new talk based on the following interview related to how and when or why sharing past sexual assault with a partner or prospective partner. This was a topic that I received a tremendous amount of feedback on and I think it's an under-explored/talked about issue. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0iPyWF4EuOs

Unstoppable Tracy MBA, BEd, BRLS

Untoppable Tracy

Unstoppable Tracy - MBA, BEd, BRLS

Expert on Disarming Limiting Beliefs, Seen in Oprah Magazine with 60 million ++ viral video views, International Award-Winning Business Leader & Speaker with the stars, on TEDx, in over 40+ countries, has an MBA, Decorated Athlete as a World Cup Sailor, climbed the Himalaya Mountains, TV HOST, Bestselling Author, whose forward is written by Cup of Chicken Soup for the Soul, and this year’s Canada Hall of Fame Inductee as an Honoured Humanitarian, 2019 Women of Inspiration™ Change Maker.


You are going to be blown away …not only is she a powerhouse from an inspirational and motivational standpoint after over 60 million views this woman is also a powerhouse in business. TV Show host Unstoppable Tracy is a #1 international mega-success and TEDx speaker who spoke in 40+ countries. She has shared the stage and events with Dr. Phil, Jane Fonda, Mark Wahlberg, Michael Douglas, Mel Gibson, John Travolta, and dozens of more A-listers! Her mind-blowing story always gets standing ovations pushing audiences out of their limitation zones to taking action.

Her mantra If I Can Do It You Can Do It! No Excuses! #UnstoppableTracy

Unstoppable YOU ... Activate Change Capable

- Crushing Your Leadership Roadblocks; Find out how to turn “No” into accepted counteroffers with resistant players: EXCEED UNCERTAINTY
- Strength-Based Leadership; Discover how to exceed uncertainties with deep capable belief and EMBRACE POSSIBILITIES when you don’t know how to activate change.
- Propelling Forward; Learn how to EARN INDEPENDENCE by sorting out the right lifelines fostering capability


Dr. Diana Monea

Eye Health Centres

Optometrist | Speaker | Author

In 2016, Dr. Monea received recognition by the Calgary Chamber of Commerce for her Leadership and the Alberta Association of Optometrists for her service. She is an example of lifelong learning and the pursuit of excellence. Graduated from the University of Waterloo, School of Optometry, in 1978, some 38 years ago! Dr. Monea actively practices, fulltime. She developed, runs, solely owns and manages three full scope practices, in two provinces, with many employees and Associates. In her “spare” time she enjoys “mentoring” her female colleagues on how to have it all….Mother, wife, and businesswoman, without losing your mind! Dr. Monea’s belief is that every single day, she has the opportunity to make a difference, to change someone’s life! Her long career now drives her to the desire to “give back” especially to her female friends, in any way she can. Her belief is that “the glass ceiling” exists only in a women’s mind and that this type of thinking must be “shattered”!

Dr. Monea speaks professionally on many issues and topics. She comes with a larger than life persona and a speaking style that leaves audiences wanting more. Her 30 years of experience and knowledge combined with her genuine interest in ensuring that the audience not only learns a lot but has a good time is a great combination. She brings the warmth that shows through her genuine interest in what she is talking about which is always highly relatable and captivating to her audiences.