Universal Women-Led Directory

Universal Women-LedDirectory

Never has there been a time like now that we need to step on the gas pedal and support women in business. As we adjust to our new normal, the playing field has leveled, It is now time to step on the gas pedal! Women-led companies and leaders are essential to growing our economy.

Female entrepreneurs need our support to close the Gender Gap that exists in entrepreneurship. When we support women-led businesses, we contribute to our economy. We SupportHER to build, scale and grow a sustainable business provide job opportunities, mentor other women,  inspire youth and our future leader, enable her to innovate and create solutions, and let her know that she is making an impact.

A Women-Led business is defined as an enterprise with a woman/women, with long-term control and management of the business, equity stake (demonstrates ownership in the company), and an active role in the vision, strategy (elements relating to the objectives and goals for the business), and day to day decision making (relating to financial management, human resources, supply management, logistics or customer service.

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Women-Led Directory

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