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Meet our growing team of women and men who are committed to gender equality and celebrating female role models and the men who SupportHER™ locally, nationally and globally! Interested in becoming a part of our growing team. Contact us!

Michelle Gordon

Director, Operations and Global Partnerships

Transforming organizations over the past two decades, Michelle exudes excellence and brings a creative flair to operational oversight and managerial leadership. Michelle benefits from a diverse portfolio, and her empathy-based approach to her personal and professional life fuels her continued commitment to the advancement of equity, diversity, inclusion, and access. Michelle is a youth and student advocate and has over 10 years of experience supporting student needs in the education space through recruitment, orientation, program design and assessment, and other student services. In addition, Michelle excels in public and non-public facing roles, and has a proven track record of being an excellent company representative and spokesperson at conferences, social events, and employer fairs. A proven leader and problem solver, Michelle’s knack for relationship building and providing organizational insight produces organizational consciousness leading to long-term sustainability and success. Besides being a brilliant business mind and caring soul, Michelle enjoys throwing elaborate dinner parties and socials, as well as mentoring racialized women and young adults.

Crystal Derouin - BDes, CGD

Creative Director

Meet the fabulous woman behind our brand. Crystal is a mother of three, owner of a successful Etsy store, has cheeky wit, and the patience of a saint. Crystal is an entrepreneur at heart with a desire to give back to the community to support other women to succeed. Supporting local businesses and building a strong community of amazingly talented women. When you support local, you directly support a person, their family, the local economy and community. In return, you get completely unique and wonderful services and products made with love and quality.

Donna Dahl, B.Ed., M.Ed.

Women of Inspiration™️ Selection Committee, Chair | Editor

Donna Dahl, Empowerment Coach and Author, was awarded Woman of Inspiration for Lifetime Achievement in 2016. She is now honoured to serve as the Woman of Inspiration Awards Selection Committee Chair. She is considered a thought leader and a coach’s coach by her clients. While most of her work is behind the scenes coaching writers to become authors and leaders to inspire others to lead, her passion drives her voice to make a difference through speaking engagements and writing. Donna’s next book is in the works. In her mind, her lifetime work is still in progress.

Siobhan Calderbank

Education and Programs

Siobhan Calderbank is a keynote speaker, recognized Learning Leader, consultant, and award-winning author. She has over 20 years of progressive experience in transforming businesses, leading change and developing leaders. She has spoken internationally to diverse groups and to thousands of people from over 70 countries at conferences, events, seminars, and planning sessions to motivate individuals to work more collaboratively. Siobhan is the Founder of Butterfly Ladies - a Mentoring Program committed to helping develop the careers of women and youth, especially visible minorities. She was also voted Top 10 Inspirational Female Entrepreneur 2019 by Women Entrepreneur and recognized as one of The 10 Most Influential Businesswomen to Follow in 2020 by Insights Success. At LCBO, Siobhan is an experienced Director of Talent Management and focuses on talent development, learning, change management, and diversity and inclusion.

2019 Women of Inspiration™️ Diversity and Inclusion

Chiara Allen

Web Designer & Developer


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