Our Team Committed to SupportHER!

Meet our growing team of women and men who are committed to gender equality and celebrating female role models and the men who SupportHER™ locally, nationally and globally! Interested in becoming a part of our growing team. Contact us!

Deb Milimaka Miles

Incoming COO, Universal Womens Network™️ | 2019 Women of Inspiration™️ SupportHER Award | UWN National Ambassador

A Senior Executive, Corporate Professional with over 30 years of high-performance corporate management and consulting experience in 16 countries around the world. Deb’s career has focused on driving transformation in business cultures through leadership. Over her career, Deb has worked in the Financial, CPG and Technology verticals for both public and private, national and international companies, such as SMART Technologies, Aguila Convergence Worldwide, Foxconn, Loblaws, The Odella Group, Future Shop, Hudson’s Bay, National Trust, Scotiabank and BMO and most recently Harvest One. Deb brings a wealth of experience in managing complex corporations through periods of global transformation, acquisition, and adapting in rapidly changing environments. In her background, Deb was with Loblaw, Canada’s largest retailer, where she led the national change team for one of the largest-ever SAP implementations. She’s consistently been recognized as a top performer with innovative and effective approaches to strategic planning, leadership, and organizational effectiveness. She’s known for building dynamic cross-functional partnerships within the Business and HR, to be agents of change.

Crystal Derouin - BDes, CGD

Artistic Director

Meet the fabulous woman behind our brand. Crystal is a mother of three, owner of a successful Etsy store, has cheeky wit, and the patience of a saint. Crystal is an entrepreneur at heart with a desire to give back to the community to support other women to succeed. Supporting local businesses and building a strong community of amazingly talented women. When you support local, you directly support a person, their family, the local economy and community. In return, you get completely unique and wonderful services and products made with love and quality.

Donna Dahl, B.Ed., M.Ed.

Women of Inspiration™️ Selection Committee, Chair | 2016 Women of Inspiration™️ Lifetime Achievement Award | Editor

Donna Dahl, Empowerment Coach and Author, was awarded Woman of Inspiration for Lifetime Achievement in 2016. She is now honoured to serve as the Woman of Inspiration Awards Selection Committee Chair. She is considered a thought leader and a coach’s coach by her clients. While most of her work is behind the scenes coaching writers to become authors and leaders to inspire others to lead, her passion drives her voice to make a difference through speaking engagements and writing. Donna’s next book is in the works. In her mind, her lifetime work is still in progress.

Donna reports, “When I accepted the WOI Award, that was my invitation to accept the challenge to continue my work but with more conviction than ever before.” Recognition from one’s peers matters.

Words of Wisdom
In Lessons I Learned from the Tortoise she wrote, “Challengers inspire us to take giant steps long before we might ever become giants.”

Lindsay Harle-Kadatz

Content Strategist | 2019 Women of Inspiration™️ Influencer

Lindsay Harle-Kadatz is the owner of The Write Harle, helping small businesses refine their voice and brand message through content. Passionate about messaging, Lindsay looks to create engaging and action-focused content strategies, aligning a company’s marketing mediums with one core message. She is the author of Depression Constipation: How Pooping Saved My Sanity…and Other Stories, a real-life tale of understanding depression in terms of constipation, humour, and mental prune juice. With everything, Lindsay continues to make puns while looking for the funny in the mundane. When not indulging her love of the big red editing pen, Lindsay spends time with her two “under the desk employee” pups Coco and Chase, and just enjoying life in general (AKA: eating, drinking wine, and making real, genuine connections with people).

Blaise Hunter

PR and Marketing | 2020 Women of Inspiration™️ Influencer

Blaise Hunter is an author, 2020 Influencer Award Winner at the Women of Inspiration Awards, international speaker, podcast host, fertility expert, Mother of Purpose, and Breaker of Chains. She tackles the realities of issues women face from low confidence and lack of identity to social inequality. Blaise’s mission is to inspire women to love themselves and breathe their passion like fire through her Heroine Movement. Her quest is to help women unleash the power of vulnerability to become their own hero. It is time to pick up our miscarried dreams and birth our destiny. Blaise founded the non-profit group Footprints: Infertility & Pregnancy Loss Support Initiative which helps parents work through their grief and trauma. She won the Women of Influence Award for this cause. She is the CEO of Blaise the Trail inc, a consulting agency geared towards helping people birth their voices, dreams, goals, books, and brands

Dixie Dayka

Administrative Professional | Community Supporter & Philanthropist | UWN National Ambassador

Dixie Dayka is an experienced administrative professional with 25+ years working in corporate administration supporting executive leadership individuals in Oil & Gas, Engineering, Aviation, and Food Distribution. She is also very passionate about volunteering in the community and has also worked in the non-profit sector for many years. Dixie is a supporter and philanthropist in the city of Calgary and is engaged with many different charities and agencies, devoting time and resources to several causes.

Since 2012, Dixie has been a member of the Association of Administrative Professionals and most recently held the position of Vice President of the Calgary Branch. Dixie obtained her professional designation CCAP, (Canadian Certified Administrative Professional) through the Association, after graduating from the University of Calgary in 2014 with a Certificate in Professional Management.

What excites me about being a part of the UWN team?
I am extremely excited to be part of the UWN team, for several reasons. To be included in a group, on a team, a Universal Women's Network is truly an honor. Together, we are a growing movement of like-minded women, supported by our families, friends, our places of employment and the leaders we work with. I am excited to bring my years of administrative, funding and philanthropy experience to this role, to assist and build up the funding opportunities and support the execution of the UWN fund development strategies.

Krista Malden

Publisher, UWomen Magazine - 2020 Women of Inspiration™️ Cultural Ambassador

Krista Malden; mother of two beautiful girls, drummer, creator, publisher, and Founder of Community Now! Magazine and ZX Media Corporation. Krista is a UN SHEInnovator and winner of the 2020 Women of Inspiration; Cultural Ambassador Award. Krista has a passion for community, connecting people, and industry and is always looking for the next great story to drum up an impact in our community.

Siobhan Calderbank

Education and Programs | Women of Inspiration™️ Diversity and Inclusion

Siobhan Calderbank is a keynote speaker, recognized Learning Leader, consultant, and award-winning author. She has over 20 years of progressive experience in transforming businesses, leading change and developing leaders. She has spoken internationally to diverse groups and to thousands of people from over 70 countries at conferences, events, seminars, and planning sessions to motivate individuals to work more collaboratively. Siobhan is the Founder of Butterfly Ladies - a Mentoring Program committed to helping develop the careers of women and youth, especially visible minorities. She was also voted Top 10 Inspirational Female Entrepreneur 2019 by Women Entrepreneur and recognized as one of The 10 Most Influential Businesswomen to Follow in 2020 by Insights Success. At LCBO, Siobhan is an experienced Director of Talent Management and focuses on talent development, learning, change management, and diversity and inclusion.

Hannah Barnes

Event Manager

Hannah Barnes Event Planning & Management is part of the team of independent contractors who help us bring our visions to life. With Hannahs attention to details, marketing background and ability to see and bring our founder's big vision to life!

Jean Westbrook

Admin Assistant - The Nest Foundation™️

Jean is a seasoned professional in Calgary with a proven track record of working remotely, with over 9 years of progressive experience in sales, coordination, customer service and volunteering with expertise in project prioritization, multi-tasking diverse portfolios, training and business sales growth. Having a hospitality background has ingrained in me the desire to go above and beyond expectations. I am a patient, energetic, and organized person who prides herself on a positive professional reputation.
I am an effective communicator and relationship builder. I enjoy and am inspired by interacting with others while working towards common goals and thrive during business and organizational change and growth. With a flexible, adaptable, get it done attitude I have excelled at overcoming challenges with creative solutions and am not afraid to step outside of the box.

In Jean’s spare time she enjoys getting involved in new projects, volunteering in the community and can be found always researching or learning something new. Here passions are fashion, fitness, food, family and friends.