Our Team Growing Everyday

Meet our growing team of women and men who are committed to Gender Equality and celebrating female role models and the men who SupportHER™ locally, nationally and globally!

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Crystal Derouin - BDes, CGD

Artistic Director

Meet the fabulous woman behind our brand. Crystal is a mother of three, owner of a successful Etsy store, has cheeky wit, and the patience of a saint. Crystal is an entrepreneur at heart with a desire to give back to the community to support other women to succeed. Supporting local businesses and building a strong community of amazingly talented women. When you support local, you directly support a person, their family, the local economy and community. In return, you get completely unique and wonderful services and products made with love and quality.

Hannah Barnes

Event Manager

Hannah Barnes Event Planning & Management is part of the team of independent contractors who help us bring our visions to life. With Hannahs attention to details, marketing background and ability to see and bring our founder's big vision to life!

Kristy Bowen

Executive Assistant

With over 18 years of experience as an executive assistant, Kristy has a track record of strong performance in high volume, high-pressure environments. She has worked for VP’s in the power, legal and insurance industries in both New Brunswick and Alberta. Kristy notes that the draw to this specialized work is that every day brings new challenges and she dedicates herself to bringing a “thinking outside the box” solution to those situations

Christina Pilarski

PR and Communications

Christina is co-owner and CEO of CIPR Communications, a communications firm that specializes in public relations, online communications, and campaigns. Christina believes in the power of meaningful relationships and strategic engagement both online and offline; her passion surrounding engagement has solidified her role as a leader within the communications industry.

Michelle Nedelec

WOI Selection Committee, Chair

Turning entrepreneurs into Business Ownership Leaders for over 15 years, Michelle helps you to strategically shape your company into the money-making machine that you knew it could become all while maintaining your personal touch and warm client experiences. When it’s time to grow your business, Michelle’s the one to help see you through it. Michelle became involved with The Canadian Business Chicks because she was looking for a challenging position in a growing community that included fun events that focused on empowering entrepreneurs and welcoming women to succeed. She found exactly that right here. She has always had a firm belief that the growth of the entrepreneurial community is the key to a successful society. And, when you recognize and support the women who pursue the entrepreneurial lifestyle you create a society that builds on its creativity, resourcefulness, and ultimately its success.

Donna Dahl - Woman of Inspiration

Donna Dahl, B.Ed., M.Ed.

WOI Selection Committee, Co-Chair | WOI2016 – Lifetime Achievement Award

Donna Dahl, Empowerment Coach and Author, was awarded Woman of Inspiration for Lifetime Achievement in 2016. She is now honoured to serve as the Woman of Inspiration Awards Selection Committee Co-Chair. She is considered a thought leader and a coach’s coach by her clients. While most of her work is behind the scenes coaching writers to become authors and leaders to inspire others to lead, her passion drives her voice to make a difference through speaking engagements and writing. Donna’s next book is in the works. In her mind, her lifetime work is still in progress.

Donna reports, “When I accepted the WOI Award, that was my invitation to accept the challenge to continue my work but with more conviction than ever before.” Recognition from one’s peers matters.

Words of Wisdom
In Lessons I Learned from the Tortoise she wrote, “Challengers inspire us to take giant steps long before we might ever become giants.”

Sam Bell

WOI Selection Commitee | WOI2018 Finalist

Sam is a Registered Nurse, Registered Midwife and holds a Post Graduate Certification in the Education of Adults. Her nursing career spans 3 decades with professional licence in the UK, Gibraltar, Spain and now Canada. She is also an Integrative Health Coach, Reiki Master, Angel Empowerment and Higher Priestess Practitioner and an accredited Master Facilitator with Sistership Circle. She is a huge advocate for women, locally and globally, having recently been appointed as National Director for the development of Sistership Circle in Canada. As a powerful change agent, she uses her magical combination of clinical academia and intuitive gifts to empower individuals to ‘Stop Existing, Start Living’.

Dr. Laura Hambley

WOI Selection Committee | WOI2018 Global Influencer

Dr. Laura is an industrial/organizational psychologist, mother of three, and serial entrepreneur based in Calgary, who is passionate about making a difference in people’s lives, and the community both in Calgary and more widely in Canada and globally. One of her greatest joys continues to be mentoring and leading other women, and Canadian Business Chicks fits well within these values. Between her busy schedules at work and home, she somehow found time to publish two novels (Losing Cadence, and its sequel, Finding Sophie), both of which have received international attention. It’s interesting to reflect on the twists and turns our lives take, but Dr. Laura is passionate about making a difference, and about the future of our country. She has enjoyed mentoring through the Boss Chicks program over the past 10 months and is inspired by the way this organization continues to make a difference for women.