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Behind the Brand Marketing Campaign – $ 5000

Elevate your company as a  Certified Universal Women-Owned™ / Universal Women-Led™ enterprise to be visible to consumers and key stakeholders as a women-led. Our Marketing Campaign designed to feature the stories of the women-owned and women-led behind the brand.

Your Marketing Campaign Includes:

  • UWomen Magzine Feature Blog with Behind the Brand AD
  • Behind the Brand AD Campaign – Your brand featured in social media ads as the face of Women-Owned
  • LinkedIn Announcement as Certification as Women-Led
  • Behind the Brand – Feature Blog on UWN Website
  • Video Interview and Women of Inspiration™ Podcast
  • Women-Owned Business Listing in UWomen Magazine (digital)

Elevating female-led companies in the media is critical! It provides a platform for customers to learn about your business, your story, buy from you, share your story, and support you!

Are you a Woman-Owned or Women-Led business? Get Certified

Apply for Universal Women-Owned™ or Universal Women-Led™

Behind the Brand – Meet Founder and CEO, Rhonda Goldberg, Certified Universal Women-Owned™. Rhonda shares her story, why she created Oh! Naturals and how we can all Support women-owned, and the huge advantage for products and services to be visible for consumers to have the choice to #buyfromwomen! 

UWN: How does it feel to have your product visible as Certified Women-Owned / Universal Women-Led?

Having a visible certified logo package allows the consumer to be educated with the choice of companies of who they want to support. I feel that even though women have come a long way in business, I feel we still have a long way to go. I believe certified Woman-Owned recognition will help the Canadian woman own business and woman lead the business through education for both men and women consumers. Our current generation want to know the people and stories behind the business brand which influence purchasing decisions



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