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Ready to invest in your personal and professional success? Take your business to the next level?

Want to learn from others who have paved the path and keen to share their knowledge? Grow your business, advance in your career and build authentic connections? Apply today to get the support you need to advance personally and professionally! Apply today.

We are listening … you are not alone!

Your recent feedback told us you value being a member because of being apart of a community that embraces diversity and inclusiveness, like-minded women and men with shared values, opportunity to learn from others and build relevant and meaningful connections with members and key stakeholder.

We have developed our MentorHER Mentorship Program to support a woman on her journey personally and professionally. Learn from business leaders with proven successes, who want you to succeed!

MentorHER Mentee Benefits:

  • Learn from real-life experiences of successful business leaders.
  • Overcome overwhelm and create work-life balance.
  • Expand your network and circle of influence.
  • Be empowered with increased accountability.
  • Gain perspective to scale your business.
  • Learn from trailblazers and gain a disruptor mindset.
  • Develop trust and gain confidence – keys to sales and collaborations.
  • Have female supporters and champions in your corner.
  • Be exposed to new ideas, concepts, think on a larger scale.
  • Build relevant and authentic connections to grow your business.

MentorHER Mentorship Program is a flexible MentorHER Mentorship Program matched with business leaders, industry experts, Women of Inspiration Alumni from diverse backgrounds across Canada who want to support you on your journey!

Our Mentors and Mentees are driven women with a passion to succeed and a strong work ethic, who want to tap into their female network circle to solve many of the same challenges that many women in business face. The MentorHER Mentorship Program includes key learning concepts to support your personal and business growth.

Program includes:

  • 1:1 Mentorship
  • UWN Premium Membership
  • Monthly Success Calls with like-minded women and men across Canada!
  • Access to LeadHER Series = Networking Events

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January – February – Enrollment and Matching

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*Once you are registered your matching process will commence. Mentors will be matched on a first-come basis!

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