Ally Stone

The Inspired Leader - Founder

A leader in the hospitality industry over 15 years, Ally has been integral in developing 15 successful businesses and teams. As Director of Culture and Leadership Development, Ally mastered a process for driving successful businesses. A leadership style she calls Transcendent Leadership; elevating team thinking beyond everyday problems, building instead on quality in group and individual connection. This created a culture of emerging leaders within her organization which is admired and emulated by many.

Through The Inspired Leader Ally shares these insights with organizations and leaders alike. Together they dive into what going beyond looks like, leading from a place of presence, and creating opportunity to experience their careers in ways which they had once deemed impossible.

Ally’s worked with thousands of leaders from all levels of organizations diving into her framework of a Transcendent Leader. She facilitates seminars and delivers keynotes while continually developing herself to provide meaningful content.

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