Bolu Adefemi

BoluSings - 2020 Youth Excellence Award WInner / WOI Ambassador

Bolu Adefemi is a 14-year-old Canadian singer-songwriter of Zimbabwean and Nigerian origin who emerged as an important new artist in the summer of 2020 with her internationally acclaimed song, “Make It Right,” a powerful call to action about social injustices. Just weeks after first performing the song publicly she was performing it for media nationwide and around the world. Recently honored with the high profile Universal Women’s Network award for Youth Excellence at the 2020 Women of Inspiration gala and 2020 Zim Young Achievers Award. She has also used her platform to better local communities in other ways, too ( working with Pickering City on a pilot project fighting racism and a virtual performance for Feed The Need Durham are just two examples.) Bolu is already a world changer - this hugely impactful young woman continues to use her voice, determination, and many talents to make a positive difference in the world.

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