Crystal Pretula

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Born and raised in Alberta, a city girl who loved spending weekends on the family farm. Gifted with my dads sense of humour, and love of pretty things from my mom. I’ve always loved creating – which led me to a degree in design from ACAD.

I went to ACAD to become a painter. Among other projects I had experience with murals along the historic 118 avenue in Edmonton. Intimidated by galleries I quickly chickened out! I was intrigued by graphic design because it was creative yet practical.

As a graphic designer in Calgary for 10 years I had the privilege of working on some amazing projects including; being on the team who re-branded the Calgary Stampede and assembled the Olympic design specifications for Petro-Canada. I was also an in-house designer at S2 Architecture, Guest-Tek and Encana. I still do graphic design for all kinds of diverse clients.

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