Diane Harms

Daunais McKay + Harms - Family Law Lawyer

Diane practices a “no nonsense” approach to advocating for a sensible, fair and just resolution for her clients. Her objective is to provide strategic guidance and sound legal advice to clients who find themselves in complicated family situations.

Diane demonstrates an exceptional degree of competence, skill, integrity, commitment and dedication toward the improvement and advancement of the practice of family law, and to the children and families involved in family law matters. Diane, together with her associates at Daunais McKay + Harms, have a stellar reputation for "embracing change" and advocating for inclusivity and diversity.

Diane’s extensive litigation and appellate experience – spanning over 29 years – is a foundational element of what makes Daunais McKay + Harms a leader in the Calgary legal community.

Outside the courtroom, Diane has an expansive body of work and numerous professional achievements.

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