Gina Perrault

Restorative Sports Therapy - Founder

Gina Perrault with her unique skill set of both manual and McKenzie based treatment techniques focuses on sports therapy and postural and repetitive strain injuries. Gina is also qualified to practice acupuncture and uses this, combined with a dry-needling technique (Gunn IMS), for patients with chronic pain and long standing muscoskeletal problems. Gina holds degrees both in Kinesiology and physiotherapy from Alberta. Gina is highly disciplined and knows that consistent work and dedication are key to success, and values life-long learning. Gina is friendly, enthusiastic, detail oriented, professional and is committed to high quality care for her clients.
In addition, Gina is an avid athlete with a background in many different sports, such as basketball, fitness competitions, triathlon, crossfit, and she cross trains. She believes that not only physical health is important but mental health should not be over looked and practices both meditation and yoga on a regular basis.

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