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Firstly, the vision to inspire a world of reciprocity where women thrive, and families prosper, empowering women to succeed, dream big, commit, and be courageous, with integrity, and confidence…. that is #DreamBig

From the moment I arrived, early, there was a particular buzz in the air. The main room had been set the night before and I had the opportunity to mingle with the volunteers, sponsors, and vendors. Everyone seemed in great spirits for the early morning that we were all experiencing.

The day ahead was filled with meditation (Thank You Jaden Sterling), laughter and inspiration, where speakers and panelists contributed to thought-provoking and informative discussion, with the focus of empowering change. All with enthusiastic participation, key when topics so sensitive and vulnerable are explored about our world today. The highlights expertise, leadership, support and commitment to change: TransformHER, SupportHER, Diversity, Inclusion, Integrity, Courage.

In my opinion what better way to capture than with the words of those who were there.

I had an opportunity to catch the emcee Michelle Cameron Coulter before the event began. Michelle, an Olympic Gold Medalist, with 6 World Championships, also a wife and mother, shared “I’m excited to be here and honoured to be the emcee for the event and I think it’s very exciting when we bring women together to support each other and to have an opportunity to grow. So, I think there is going to be a lot of exciting things happening today, some great speakers, some great panelists. Again, it’s all to empower women to step in and play a bigger game and know that they have a support system around them.”

Monica Kretschmer CEO of Canadian Business Chicks, National Women of Inspiration Awards, SupportHER movement and Founder of  The Nest Foundation shared her gratitude “I’m Thankful to the event supporters who believe in our vision to inspire a world of reciprocity where women thrive, and families prosper.” Monica shared her personal journey and the adversity has created a lead with purpose resilience that she is driven to share. Through Women of Inspiration, she is elevating female role models locally, nationally and globally and inspiring women to Lead With Purpose and prosper in business and in life. She is also a champion for the men that SupportHER via empowering them to succeed, embracing and nurturing their courage, confidence, and to rebuild their lives. “Behind the scenes, I am a single parent to a 12-year boy who’s wise beyond his years and living a daily hustle to elevate female role models across Canada through Women of Inspiration Awards and empower women to rebuild their lives for themselves and their children through The Nest Foundation.”  “The idea of collaboration over competition is the new driving force for women changing the face of business and entrepreneurship today. Together, with our collective gifts, insights, knowledge, and support, we can make far greater strides in our careers and lives than we likely would on our own.”

The Nest Foundation empowers women to rebuild their lives for themselves and their children and through mentorship, education, wellness, and experiences. All proceeds from the conference go to The Nest Foundation

Hashtag #LWP2019 for Lead With Purpose “When Women Succeed, Families Succeed!” caught attention. Some referring also to #WOI2019DreamBig Nominations for National Women of Inspiration Awards. The deadline for nomination was June 15th and the Black Tie Galas happening on Oct 3, in Calgary and Oct 9 in Toronto. Award recipients in the 23 Diverse Categories will be announced at Women of Inspiration Awards at each event. Early Bird Tickets until June 24 are on sale to the public for Awards, Dinner, Keynote and live entertainment.

For Women of Inspiration, tickets visit their event page.

2018 Women of Inspiration – Dr. Jody Carrington, Clinical Psychologist, Author, Speaker

This woman made us laugh and trauma is no laughing matter. Yet she gave us a powerful and impactful presentation about making a difference that had many of us on the edge of our seats.

Carrie Paxson with Carrie’s Closet shared “She is so smart, funny, raw and real with a HUGE purpose. Loving here presentation and what she is contributing to this world.”

I personally could hardly wait to use the restroom however I was not about to miss one word. Love this quote from Dr. Carrington “We are only as okay as the people that hold us.”

Woman of Inspiration – Lifetime Achievement 2016 Donna Dahl shared “The common thread throughout the “Lead with Purpose” event was that in matters of leadership, the voice of women matters.”

 Christopher Kennedy Co-Founder Beauty B!tch Podcast, Author Virgin Beauty Bitch and panelist for the TransformHer – Transformational Panel shared “Someone asked after the event what takeaway came from the Lead with Purpose event, and although there were many impressive and impactful presentations and personalities my biggest impression came from witnessing women in the community supporting each other in authentic personal growth. Lead with Purpose was a day’s grace away from the competitive environment women have had to become ruthlessly efficient at mastering. At least that’s my perspective.”

Sheena Denscombe responded to a graphic quote on Facebook encouraging us not to let age stop us with “Love this! After spending a day with a room full of amazing, bold women, I KNOW this is true! #LWP2019”

Arjun Channa General Manager The Westin, Calgary SupportHER Diversity & Inclusiveness Panelist nominated WOI Male Champion – Power Partner, shared this quote about his experience at #LWP2019 “Lead with Purpose Conference’s Diversity & Inclusion panel gave me a sense of pride hearing the courageous stories of triumph over struggles by remarkable everyday women. Words may move emotions, but actions move mountains. We need to do more towards gender, pay, opportunities equality. All are invited, leave no one behind’.

Jackie Cameron creator of Super-Fly shared “After listening to every amazing person, I’m convinced more than ever, My Purpose in life is far greater than me, therefore, I’m drawn to its greatness every day, unstoppable to find the greatness it needs to take it beyond one’s imagination!!!”

2018 Women of Inspiration Award – Mentorship Yvonne E.L. Silver of Women & Wisdom, is a raving fan and avid supporter, on the Board of the Nest Foundation, Volunteer Chair, sat on the 2017 Women of Inspiration judging panel. It’s safe to say she is all in. Yvonne shared wonderful bits on facebook with #LWP2019 during the conference and presented on the topic of mentorship. She shared “Rarely have I attended an event that was a blend of moving transformational stories and inspiring content with such engaging and wise speakers and panelists, all leading to helping women advance!” “A memorable day for Calgary Leaders and Changemakers.”

Ariana Rose Brackenbury The Lead With Purpose program gave me an opportunity to see what is possible in my own life as I listened to the courageous and inspirational stories of the women who were presenting.   Many nuggets of wisdom are tucked away for further exploration.

I am grateful for the awareness that I am not alone with my inner critic of “I should have it together by now” and that I can give that voice the finger.

Debra Poneman, CEO and Founder of YES TO SUCCESS who came all the way from Chicago to be part of the event shared this “It was such a powerful experience to be a part of the Lead With Purpose event put on by the Canadian Business Chicks.  Every speaker had something powerful to contribute to help us find and use our voices to make this world a better place… And of course, I always grab any opportunity to be with Calgarians who just happen to be the nicest people on the planet.”

Sponsor Glo Foto provided a fun photo area and I took part in capturing a moment. There were many amazing moments to capture.

It would be wrong not to mention the Beauty Transformation. The lovely Michelle Harron won the attention of Adrienne Furrie – Makeup + Image, Kristina Koivisto of ZuHair, and Rola Muhieddine Founder of Maison Blu.

Jennifer Cockton Community Connector We Are Calgary

“I came away with great visits with those I knew, new connections, and several tidbits from speakers. I don’t even know who said what exactly but here are some of my favorite takeaways:

  • Be Bold, Embrace Crazy
  • Leaders excavate the unsaid.
  • Be crazy about others.
  • Be great, everyone doesn’t need to like you.
  • Shift the way we look at adversity- SDF
  • Bring more value to and look beyond all the checked off boxes
  • Put yourself out there and look at who you can champion
  • Communication, Conversation Matters
  • Forget the Shoulds – Instead Could, Would, When- Can, Will.
  • Never alone – use fear as a catalyst
  • Fear is more about not knowing, are you looking for reassurance or are you looking to be heard?
  • Just go for it
  • If it’s easy you are doing it wrong

You really had to be there to take in all that the event gave in empowering women to succeed. It would take a book, not merely an article to cover all the wisdom, integrity, and empowerment of the day. What is more evident after the Lead With Purpose Conference is that there is support for women, many of our adversities are being challenged. We have women making tidal waves, not just ripples, here locally. We have champions and support systems being built and advocated for to continue the movement for women. Lead With Purpose delivered. Looking forward to what’s next.”

Jennifer Cockton – Community Connector -403-819-8225 |


Article Written by

Monica Kretschmer

Monica is the Founder and CEO of Universal Womens Network™, Women of Inspiration™ Awards, Women of Inspiration™ Podcast, Women of Inspiration™ Book, UWomen Magazine, and SupportHER™ champion for women in their networks, workplaces, and communities.

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