ChangeMakeHER Plus+

$695.00 / year

All membership levels carry the same four pillars through connecting, learning, empowering, and celebrating. Each pillar outlines unique opportunities through organizational values courage, confidence commitment, and integrity along with the women and men who champion to SupportHER™.

ChangeMakeHER Members 

  • Committed to driving change in their networks, workplaces and communities.
  • Ambitious, courageous, confident, and authentic leaders.
  • Believe in paying it forward, leading by example and sharing their knowledge.
  • Are business leaders, owners, entrepreneurs, professionals, or part of a non-profit (or maybe all).
  • Recognize the importance of supporting other women and have a desire to collaborate and celebrate with their peers.
  • Have a desire to learn, grow and celebrate their success as well as the success of others!
  • Are fair, flexible and honest leaders who have integrity. They believe honesty leads to better and more productive relationships.
  • Are the everyday heroes that inspire others to be the best they can be!
  • Leaders from diverse industries and walks of life!

ChangeMakeHER Membership – Committed to Raising the Bar to drive change!

  • CEO’s, Entrepreneurs, Business Owners and leaders from diverse backgrounds with shared values are committed to Raising the Bar for women in their networks, workplaces and communities.
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  • Virtual Monthly MentorHER Success Call
  • Virtual LeadHER Series Events
  • Build Connections with Leaders from across Canada
  • Diverse Industries and Levels of Experience!
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  • Private Facebook Group
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  • 10% off UWN Shop + Universal Women-Owned and Universal Women-Led Certification




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