Angelica Goncalves - Dream Builder Award

Full-Time Career, Podcaster, Small Business Owner, Voice Over Artist, Speaker & Advocate

I am nominating my sister; she is a powerful force and continues to inspiration everyone around her. My sister as an adult with a learning disability has had her struggles since 2017 of accepting her gift and realizing she has accomplished a lot. She decided to volunteer to her local Learning Disability Centre. She wanted to spread her story and motivate kids, young adults, and adults that anything is possible. She always trying something new, her advocacy has been a become part of podcasting journey. She is a 5x award winning podcaster and has been nominated 12x. Podcaster has brought her so many opportunities to inspire others, I want the world to know what she is doing to do it all. Now being a new mom, managing a small business, her podcast and being a full career woman volunteering, and being a part-time student, she’s unstoppable.

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