Anna DiBella - Women Led Award

PROFiX Accounting & Strategy Ltd. - Founder/CEO

I am thrilled to nominate Anna DiBella for the Women of Inspiration Awards. Anna is a remarkable individual who embodies the essence of inspiration in every aspect of her life. Her unwavering dedication to empowering women and fostering positive change is truly admirable.
Anna's tireless efforts as a mentor and advocate for women's rights have touched many lives. As a sexual assault survivor and as an entrepreneur, she has consistently demonstrated her commitment to breaking down barriers and promoting equality in various domains, including entrepreneurship and leadership. Anna's dynamic leadership skills have been instrumental in driving transformative initiatives that uplift and empower women from many walks of life.
Anna's indomitable spirit, coupled with her remarkable achievements, make her an ideal candidate for the Women of Inspiration Awards. Her relentless pursuit of positive change and her dedication to empowering women make her an exceptional role model for future generations.

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