Anna Hilberry - SupportHER (Allie) Award

National Bank Financial - Portfolio Manager & Wealth Advisor

Anna’s accomplishments in wealth management, client service excellence, professional collaborations, and financial literacy, set her apart from her peers. She has earned NBF’s Rising Star award which recognizes a young advisor that best combines passion, client commitment and business growth. She has also earned the Wealth Management Advisor title which acknowledges her devotion to educating and advising clients on the benefits of comprehensive planning. She is a leading ambassador for our women in wealth and mentors women students and interns.

Through her YouTube channel and weekly LinkedIn posts, she has produced over 60 videos and reached over 150,000 combined views to help improve financial literacy with her clients and community. Her content is progressive, yet sensible and her energy is friendly and infectious. See YouTube -

Anna’s drive, confidence, proactive spirit, openness to feedback and dedication to her clients is impressive. She is model for what we look for in our aspiring advisors.

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