Candice Hardie - Diversity and Inclusion Award Presented by DELL Technologies

Dna Communications - VP, Client Experience

Candice Hardie deserves to be recognized as a Woman of Inspiration because amidst rapid career growth and tremendous professional responsibility, Candice has remained unwavering in her commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) both internally at our agency and externally. She prioritized founding, and continues to lead, dna Communications’ DEI program. She championed revolutionary health education work to address health inequities and disparities facing Black and Latina women within our healthcare system. And, she continues to show up in as many places as she can to mentor and provide representation for young Black women who may not often see others who look like them succeeding in the healthcare public relations industry. Candice believes in making our workplace (and the world) a place for everyone, from every walk of life. She wants to see everyone thrive and be supported – and she’s doing her part to help make it happen.

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