Catherine Bell - Vision Builder Award

The Awakened Company Team Ltd. - CEO / Founder

Catherine Bell is an inspiring, empowered, and strong leader. She is a serial entrepreneur, best-selling author, community engaged advocate, mother, and CEO who shows up every-single-day. Catherine founded a profit 500 company, BluEra, which she successfully sold after the start of her company – The Awakened Company. Catherine then wrote her best-selling business book “The Awakened Company” which covers the Awakened Process that Catherine created during her BluEra days - she realized she had a business model that needed to be shared with the world – so she went on to do just that. Catherine now works with organizations internationally to bring humanity back into the workforce, by igniting passion, purpose, and engagement within workplace culture.
In addition to redefining the future of the corporate world, Catherine shares her insight and wisdom through the Enneagram to people internationally. Promoting self-development, awareness, and discovery, which she teaches in the workplace as well.

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