Heather McWilliam - Advocate and Catalsyt for Change Award

Brave Inspires Brave - Founder

Heather McWilliam is the Founder, CEO and Director of Brave Inspire Brave an organization with a mission to inspire and build brave leaders of today and tomorrow. She is the host of the Brave Inspires Brave podcast and an award winning author of a multi author book, " Uncovering the Brave within, vulnerable stories from female impact leaders" with AMA Publishing. Later this year she will be releasing her transformational memoir with Elisely Publishing. She is globally recognized by the prestigious Hoinser Media Group as an award winning entrepreneur and named best humanitarian. Named as a Top 30 global visionary, McWilliam received the title of Goodwill Ambassador for Human Rights and Peace. Her role as a unique and powerful personality, one with revered vision and professionalism, she is the National Director for Canada by Hoinser Media Group.
She is an Ambassador and the National Director for Be Happy For Nothing, (Bh40) a non profit organization supporting youth and those that are underprivileged, with a mission to change the world one smile at a time. Recently she has been awarded the top human rights advocate of 2023 by the International Association of the top professionals.

Grounded in a commitment to transformation and progression, Her Excellency Dame Heather McWilliam knows what it means to trust the journey of one's life. As a child of dairy farmers on her mother’s side, her father a highly experienced investigator, her humble beginnings informed her dedication to such values as discipline, kindness, compassion, hard work and integrity; these attributes that have led her to reach incredible personal and professional heights.

After a successful tenure in law enforcement by winning a landmark human rights case for women and disability rights, as a police officer against the police, McWilliam knew she needed to make a pivot. Her decision to further dedicate her life and career to using her voice to remind people that there is beauty in courage led to founding Brave Inspires Brave, an internationally awarded organization.

Utilizing her in-depth expertise, situated in leadership, human rights, mental health, Heather McWilliam continues her advocacy and humanitarian work by channeling the power that comes from following a purpose and passion. “You are your own hero, brave is her mission for humanity” is the guiding affirmation that she holds as her own personal North Star. McWilliam draws inspiration from her faith in humanity, as she believes that every day we have the ability to do better and be better to ourselves and to those around us; a reminder that the mission, no matter how complex or daunting, is always possible when you lead with integrity.

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