Jennifer Walker - Inspire Award

Carruthers Walker Financial - Partner

Jennifer is a local business woman, running a boutique financial planning firm. She joined the business in 1992, and continues to drive the company’s commitment to continuing education and expansion of services provided to clients. Over the years, she has earned industry certifications in Financial Planning, Responsible Investing, Employee Benefit Planning, Philantropic Planning and most recently the 3Hs of Financial Planning (Holistic, Honest & Human). In 2023, the firm was re-named to Carruthers Walker Financial.
Jennifer found her passion helping small business owners take care of business and their employees. She is all in to help the communities where we live and work. She is active with in the business and social community in York Region and is a sought after guest speaker. She has been featured in several publications including Mosaic, and The Globe and Mail.

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