Katina Papulkas - Trailblazer  (STEM) Award

DELL Technologies - Senior Education Strategist

Katina Papulkas is a Senior Education Strategist at Dell Technologies and is committed to serving students across Canada. She is an experienced educator with a teaching, online learning, leadership, assessment, and educational technology background. In her two-decade tenure in education, she has been an instructional leader and administrator, designing and implementing system-wide initiatives to amplify learning through technology. Katina is a woman of inspiration as she has pioneered programs like Girls Who Game and Soar with MENTOR to support underserved girls and young women, igniting their passions in the tech field, creating an ecosystem of support, and developing their leadership skills. These programs now serve girls across North America, making Dell Canada very proud! One of the best things about Katina is her positivity, which is infectious. Her contributions to our company, our customers in the education sector, and our Canadian community are immeasurable.

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