Laura Desveaux - Inspire Award

Trillium Health Partners - Scientific Director

Laura is a trusted mentor, career coach and leader to so many, including a team of Scientists and Scientific staff at Trillium Health Partners. But it is her monumental impact beyond her immediate personal circle that calls to be recognized through this nomination. Not only does she routinely offer professional development workshops and 1-1 coaching to colleagues within the broader organization, Laura is also the founder of Women Who Lead (WWL), a network that equips women leaders across Canada with the skills required for career advancement and leadership, with a specific focus on women in healthcare. Since its inception in 2019, 2000+ women have benefited from regular panels and workshops focused on dismantling the unique barriers faced by women in the workforce. With the health sector on the brink of burnout, Laura has amplified community support and responded to the community’s most pressing concerns—the need to build resiliency, change the system, and create a platform for change. Her values-based approach and commitment to elevating and investing in others is truly inspirational and will have ripple effects for years to come.

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