Marcie Kiziak - Women Led Award

Nova Cannabis / SNDL Inc. - Chief Executive Officer

Marcie is a prominent female leader in the Canadian cannabis industry, advocating for equality and demonstrating empathy in her role as CEO. Despite the industry's focus on equity and inclusion, Marcie acknowledges the gender disparity that persists. She has played a significant role in transforming the cannabis retail sector, establishing Nova Cannabis as a major player with 125+ locations nationwide.
In addition to her CEO responsibilities, Marcie serves on multiple boards and mentors through the NAIT HR program. She has also developed education and empowerment training programs with Little Warriors, a nonprofit organization combating child sexual abuse. These initiatives cover a wide range of essential skills, from workplace etiquette to resume building and human rights.
Marcie emphasizes the importance of diversity and inclusion in the cannabis industry, recognizing the valuable perspectives and experiences that women and diverse voices bring. As a representative for this cause, she challenges outdated leadership strategies and systems to ensure the industry's long-term success.

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