Margo Storey - Trailblazer  (STEM) Award

Cronos Group Inc. - Senior Manager, Extraction and Separation

Margo Storey serves as Senior Manager, Extraction and Separation, where she leads an R&D team of scientists that cultures and purifies rare cannabinoids. She played an integral role in creating the sub-brand SPINACH FEELZ™, which delivers on a critical company priority – to develop next-generation cannabis products using fermentation and biosynthesis processes to produce cultured rare cannabinoids. Her team successfully cultured cannabinoids CBG and CBC for the first products under SPINACH FEELZ™ and are now working on additional rare cannabinoids for future products. Margo joined Cronos as an accomplished scientist with a PhD in Cell Biology and Biochemistry from Dalhousie University. Her experience working with microorganisms to make ingredients for pharmaceutical products was essential in building SPINACH FEELZ™. Margo is deserving of this nomination for helping Cronos become a leader in cannabis product development, and her significant contributions to creating game-changing products that will shape the future of the cannabis industry.

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