Ramya S. Kapadia - Arts and Entertainment

Author, Dancer, Artist,

Ramya S. Kapadia is a Knoxville-based multi-disciplinary artist specializing in Bharatanatyam dance, Carnatic music (South Indian dance & music), visual art (Warli tribal art) and writing (children's fiction). She is known for her solo & group works, and for music scores for Indian dancers globally. Ramya has Master’s degrees in Medical Physics and Neuroscience. Now she pursues the arts full time. Through Natyarpana School of Dance & Music she shares the rich traditions of India across the USA. Awarded grants by the Durham and North Carolina Arts Councils and the North Carolina Dance Alliance. She is a Teaching Artist with the United Arts Council and Tennessee Arts Commission. She integrates the principles of her 2000-year old form with the STEAM curriculum in schools, emphasizing accessibility to children with special needs. Ramya believes that art can and should tell stories that move audiences to becoming better and more compassionate human beings.

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