Raveena Kohli - Rising Leader Award

Bristlecone Inc. - Client Partner, North America

Raveena is a seasoned professional who leads the Change Management practice, overseeing the entire lifecycle from Pre-Sales to delivery and execution, with a team of 15+ members. She has successfully built the Organizational Change Management team from scratch, specifically focusing on Supply Chain Management (SCM) solutions. Raveena has established a Human-centric OCM framework and methodology, ensuring people are at the core of any organizational change initiative. Her role extends beyond borders as she has implemented change projects across more than 60 countries, collaborating with global and local teams in multicultural and multilingual environments. As a project manager, she manages a portfolio of change projects valued between $4 to $5 million. Under Raveena's leadership, the OCM team has achieved remarkable success, with over 90% employee adoption of the implemented projects. Her dedication and excellence in delivering results have been recognized through various awards. In addition to leading critical enterprise-wide change management projects, Raveena takes on the responsibility of mentoring her team. Furthermore, Raveena is a strong advocate for diversity and inclusivity in the workplace, championing values such as transparency, equal opportunities, voicing opinions, and mental health support.

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