Sharon Bonner - Women Led Award

Bright Ideas Event Agency - CEO & Founder

Sharon Bonner, VEMM is an award-winning Event Producer, Event Strategy Consultant and Published Author who founded Bright Ideas Event Agency (BIEA) in 1988.
Sharon has always been a trailblazer and penned her first book called The Bright Ideas Adventure chronicling her 25-year journey of event excellence.
In October 2022, Sharon launched her Event Consulting business to assist clients in producing their own events.
March 7, 2023, Sharon received A Woman to Watch Award spotlighting event leaders who are making an incredible impact on their community and the people around them.
Her career has been long and filled with dozens of industry awards, but her greatest accomplishment in her own words is “making a significant impact on an intern's life that will forever change their trajectory in the event industry”. She plans to give back to the community that served her well, long after she has retired from producing events.

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