Sharon Grehan - Authentic Leader Award Presented by CIBC

Gilead Sciences - Executive Director Business Strategy & Operations / Global Lead for Women

Sharon Grehan, PhD serves as the Global Lead for the Women at Gilead ERG. Sharon drives global strategy and provides actionable counsel and support to >7,200 employees, with significant impact to the business and employees. She also serves as a strategic partner to relevant industry groups, diversity organizations, and associations, such as FairyGodBoss, HBA, California Women’s Conference, etc. A strong leader with high levels of team motivation, engagement, performance and empowerment, she has mentored hundreds of employees and is a role model for authentic leadership.

Before joining Gilead, Sharon conducted postdoctoral research at the Gladstone Institutes and became partner in a local strategic consulting company. Sharon has an MSc in Biotechnology from NUI Galway and a PhD in Molecular Biology from Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland. She has authored 12 peer reviewed manuscripts in various fields of research and is a current board member with a variety of organizations.

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