Sona Shah - Advocate and Catalsyt for Change Award

My Private Professor (MPP) - Founder & CEO

Sona Shah is the CEO & Founder of My Private Professor, LLC (MPP). What started as a one-woman business has blossomed into an impact-driven educational services company with a nationwide network of top tutors that collaborates with organizations to offer personalized, online tutoring services & gives back with every tutoring hour to support students in underserved communities. Sona is thrilled to have found a meaningful way to combine her dual passions of education & philanthropy into a sustainable model that helps all students succeed. By empowering students & donating to the community, MPP is able to provide a critical resource for families, schools & nonprofits, & students experiencing homelessness & in long-term foster care. With over a decade of leadership experience on the boards of nonprofits in Southern California, Sona is grateful to currently serve as President of Tustin Public Schools Foundation, Founder of Inspire Philanthropy Foundation, & Board Member of Orangewood Foundation

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