Theano Evagelou – 2021 Women of Inspiration™ Transformational Leader Award

Theano Evagelou

Personal Development Expert, Relationship Doctor, Theano Inc. | @Theano Inc.

2021 Women of Inspiration™ Transformational Leader Award

Theano’s genius is in helping visionary women access their true power through the portal of their sexuality in a way that is grounded, nurturing, empowering, and safe – using a rare blend of tantra-based methodologies and strategic, psychological insight.

She is a multi-faceted woman who has covered so many areas of discipline in her life. Her brilliant mind just keeps expanding as she is always cultivating creative ways to ignite people into being who they actually want to be. Her expertise is in the areas of construction, real estate investing, relationships, and so much more.

The best part about Theano, is that she is humble and one of the most compassionate and loving women you’ll ever meet. As a role model, Theano allows herself to be guided more by her body than her mind, recognizing the potent qualities of the feminine, especially when applied in loving leadership, rooted in deep connection and care, where true power can rise.

Her sincere and no nonsense ways are engaging and her radiance fills any room with a magical way of just making you feel like you belong.


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